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Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday » 12.09.13 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The public is invited to attend.

Actions at the November 11th Council meeting included:

  • approval of Resolution 2013-09; Montgomery County Hazard Mitigation Plan 2013
  • approval of contract from R.J. Landscaping for backup snow removal

WG Conservation Meadow Park Update

The Operations and Use plan for the Meadow has been approved by the Director of the Parks Department, then reviewed and approved by the Town Council. The new plan is on the Washington Grove Web Site. The Parks Department has taken over the full maintenance of the meadow although persons who go through the Weed Warrior training program will be able to perform removal of non-native invasive species from the park. If you have a specific concern about the Meadow or its maintenance you should contact Mike Jones ([email protected]). Annual mowing will be performed as outlined in the Operations and Use plan, but more often for the trails and the old hedgerow area where non-native invasive plant species continue to be a problem. We understand the trail mowing will be seasonally adjusted but about twice a month during the spring and summer.

Friends of the Meadow

There is an opportunity for interested residents to form a "Friends of the Meadow" group. This could be used to do extra projects in the Meadow, such as raise money for planting extra trees in the buffer area between the upper and lower field. The parks department has added about twelve new trees in the buffer area along the old hedgerow next to Ridge Road. There are long term plans to thicken the Upper/Lower buffer but uncertainty over when funds will become available.

New Calendar on the Town Website

Check out the new Town Calendar on our website. December event notifications are up and running. Your patience is requested, and greatly appreciated, as we learn how to do this

Leaves Are Falling

New and long-time residents alike are reminded of the Town contract for the removal of leaves in bulk each autumn. US Lawns will make regular but unscheduled pickups of leaves raked or blown into windrows within six feet of any walkway or roadway, excluding Railroad Street, 2nd Ave., 3rd Ave., 4th Ave., 5th Ave., and Boundary Street. This service begins November 1 and ends January 1, 2013, or as soon thereafter as we agree that the work is complete. This is your opportunity to have leaves removed without the additional work and expense of bagging.

Weather frequently affects this process, as rain can restrict movement of large trucks on the avenues. Also, one or two spectacular fall weekends in November or early December usually see most of us raking at the same time. The contractor will time pickups based on the availability of full truckloads for vacuuming. If you rake when most other people rake the windrows will probably disappear relatively quickly. If you feel that a particular pile has been ignored for an inordinate amount of time, please call Greg Silber at 301-926-1854 or e-mail him at [email protected].

Please place your windrows along the side of the road or walkway (keeping in mind, traffic & pedestrian flow), and don’t include brush or limbs that foul the vacuum.
Happy raking! It’s the rite of autumn, particularly in a town graced by so many beautiful deciduous trees.

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 01.08.14 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. All permit applications must be received in the Town Office fourteen (14) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting at which they will receive their initial review. The applicant must post a "Notice To Neighbors" sign within seven (7) days of receiving it from the Town Clerk. The Planning Commission will not act on an application unless the Notice To Neighbors sign was posted in a timely fashion as confirmed by the Commission. Please contact the Town Office (301-926-2256) or [email protected], or see permits for more details. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permit applications as well.

Permits approved at November Meeting:

  • 201 Grove Ave. » Fence
  • 10 Maple Ave. » Fence

WSSC Work on Sewer Lines

The Town’s Planning Commission has approved two permits for WSSC work to reline/repair sewer lines. One permit allows access off of Ridge Road and across the Washington Grove Conservation Meadow to work on a sewer line outside of the Town beyond the eastern end of Brown Street. The other permit enables sewer line rehabilitation via existing manholes along Center Street and Maple Avenue. The primary work is for the sewer line running within the Maple Avenue right-of-way, relining the existing pipe and making point repairs at two locations. The lining work involves inserting a sock-like lining into the pipes via the manholes, and then curing and trimming the lining by the use of remote access devices. The spot repairs, in front of 127 and 207 Maple Avenue, will involve excavation, replacement of pipe, and then restoration of the bluestone gravel. Town representatives have worked with WSSC to minimize impacts on the Town. For questions, contact Charlie Challstrom; 301-926-4498 or [email protected]

Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Tuesday » 12.17.13 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
Meetings are open to the public.

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Wednesday » 01.15.14 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.
The public is invited to attend. New members always welcome!

Town Holiday Show

Seasons’ Greetings!!
Come one, come all to the 2013 Washington Grove Holiday Show. It’s a parody musical play, entitled, " It’s a Wonderful Grove". Show time is 7:30 pm, Saturday, December 14th in McCathran Hall. Join the wonderful all-Grover cast and crew for this festive holiday entertainment. A reception with refreshments, sponsored by the Recreation Committee will follow the performance!!

Annual Carol Sing

Anyone interested? We currently have no one who is able to organize this event. If you are interested, please call the Town Office 301-926-2256.

Courts Committee News

Next meeting: Tuesday » 12.10.13 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room.

The Clay Court Committee was formed in March to provide the Mayor and Council with information needed to make decisions about the future of the Town’s tennis courts. The Committee was asked to help determine how Town residents utilize the clay tennis courts and to consider costs involved in either maintaining the existing courts or, for example, converting them to hard-surface courts. The Committee, Town tennis players, and other residents met a number of times to discuss this. In October, the Committee enlisted the help of Bill Barnes of the Cheverly Swim and Racket Club who said that we are fortunate because a near ideal playing surface could be achieved with heavy rolling this fall followed by general maintenance.

After weighing Mr. Barnes’ recommendation and a number of other options, the Committee has concluded and recommended to the Council that there is much interest in tennis among residents and that the historic “clay” courts could cost-effectively be made into a very good playing surface. The Committee also recommended making the next year a “test” year to allow time to test the quality of the rolled surfaces and to monitor costs.

Town maintenance staff performed a heavy rolling on the courts in mid-November. We have asked tennis players to test the courts after the rolling and to provide input about the playability and use of the courts. Next spring, no top dressing will be applied. Future additions of clay will be considered as needed, to resurface or for spot repair. Tape (that is expected to remain in place for a number of years) will be used for lines.

Those who have tested the newly rolled courts are encouraged to share their experience at the December meeting. If don’t plan to attend you can submit your feedback before the meeting by contacting the Town office at 301-926-2256 or via e-mail at [email protected]. The Committee’s November report and recommendation is posted on the Town web site. Please contact the Town office if you would like to receive a hard copy of the report.

Winter Creative Film Making Class!

  • Saturdays, starting January 4 – February 22, 2013 from 2:00 – 3:00 PM.
  • Ages 5-14. Instructor: Zach Fletcher.
  • With an emphasis on group collaboration and performance, students will work with the instructor on various media projects including a Commercial and Short Film.
  • Cost: $10 per class (Make checks to Town of Washington Grove)
  • Class size limited to 14 students

Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: Tuesday » 01.18.14 @ 7:30 p.m. at 503 McCauley Street. The public is invited to attend. There is no meeting in December.

November’s Holiday Decorations Painting Party included little wooden nutcrackers and picture-ready ornaments, as well as a lovely selection of Barbara Engle’s handmade pieces, all ready to be painted.

After much oohing and awing over the harvest vegetables for the Kwanzaa candles, the precious little dreidels and a variety of Santas, reindeer and snowmen, many of us also chose projects to bring home and finish. As always, it was an evening of fun, good refreshments, and lots of laughter.

The business part of the evening included the unanimous election of next year’s officers (President – Sylvia Appleby; Vice-President – Lynne Lucas-Dreiss; Treasurer – Cynthia Werts; Recording Secretary – Liz Robertson). As a reminder, we are still in need of a Corresponding Secretary, so if you would be interested in filling this position, please contact Joli McCathran ([email protected]); Margo Cavenagh ([email protected]); or Marilynn Frey ([email protected]).

There will be no Woman’s Club meeting in December. Our next event will be our annual White Elephant Sale on January 18, 2014, at the home of Mary and Charlie Challstrom. We are looking for two volunteers to act as hostesses for the evening.


  • Dec. 1st 11 am Service: First Sunday of Advent, special "Crismon" decoration service.
  • Dec. 6, Friday, 7-9:30 pm : SERRV Fair Trade Craft Fair, with Interfaith holiday sing-along at 7:30! Help out the third-world makers of these lovely crafts, as you do holiday shopping.
  • Dec. 15th Family friendly 11 am service: Children’s Christmas play!
  • Dec. 24th Tuesday 7:30 pm: Christmas Eve Candlelight Service of Lessons and Carols.

Forestry News

The Forestry and Beautification Committee and the Woods Group are now official committees under Washington Grove Forestry with Council member Audrey Maskery acting as Council liaison to both. Residents are encouraged to come to meetings which will be posted in the Bulletin and on new the Town Calendar. Summaries of these and all Town Committee meetings appear in the monthly Council Reports on the web site (or come see the print version at the Town Office).

Woods Group

Next meeting: Monday » 12.02.13 @ 7:30 p.m. in Council Room. The Town Woods Group is making plans for a January 23, 2014 meeting in the Town Hall on methods to manage White Tail Deer damage in our woods. The meeting format will include presentations by professionals followed by comments, questions and discussion by the audience. Check your January Bulletin for Meeting details.

Yard Waste Collection Ends

Per the amendment to our contract with Potomac
Disposal, this year December 26th will be the last date for collection of recyclable yard waste. This service will resume in early March. Please make a note of this.

Christmas Tree Disposal

Beginning in late December, Christmas trees will be picked up roadside by Town Maintenance staff. When you place your tree out for collection, please remove all tinsel, ornaments, the stand and any other metal.

Holiday Office Hours

The Town Office will be open a day or two between Christmas and New Years. Those dates are not yet certain. Residents are encouraged to call before coming to the office during this time; 301-926-2256.


Dogs Rule but NOT in the Tennis Courts

Residents are reminded that the fenced area at the tennis courts is NOT a fenced-in bathroom and/or play area for your dogs. Dogs are not allowed in the tennis court area. Please help keep this area free of dog waste!

Deer Fences Down

Residents are reminded that deer fencing should be down now, per Town Ordinance 3.328(g). Thanks!

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