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8 Auguest 2005 | Approved: 12 September 2005

Mayor John Compton called the meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:36 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Georgette Cole, Betsy Klinger, Tom Land, and David Stopak. Also present were; Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher and Treasurer Mary Challstrom.

Approval of Minutes

Tom Land moved, David Stopak seconded, that the Town Council minutes of July 11, 2005 be approved. Vote: 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Mary Challstrom reported that there were recently two (2) unexpected expenses; a late Shell Oil bill and a new pump at Maple Lake. Darrell Anderson moved, Georgette Cole seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for July be accepted. Vote: 5-0.

Maintenance Report

Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher reported that the pump at Maple Lake had to be replaced, a power outage at the pump house was fixed by PEPCO, brush clean up and pruning continues all over Town, as does mowing. Jim also reported that he met with Forester Dan Landry about problem trees. Dan recommended the removal of a large oak on Chestnut Avenue near #111, a large oak on Acorn Lane near the Bell rental properties (410 & 412 4th Ave.) and a maple tree on Chestnut Ave. near #122. The Mayor and Council asked Jim to get bids for the removal of all 3 trees. Betsy Klinger asked if Jim could take care of a tree that over-hangs the path to Maple Lake. Mayor Compton asked Darrell Anderson about the tree inventory. Darrell stated that Dan will have a report and a plan to the Town by February. Discussion… Jim also reported that he would be meeting with Guardian Fire Protection Services on Tuesday at which time they will flush our sprinkler system and perform some much needed maintenance. Jim asked about the State Highway Administration contractors accessing the Inter-County Connector right-of-way through the Legacy Open Space field. Mayor Compton asked Jim to send the information to Bob Booher and ask Bob to call him about it.

Appointment to Historic Preservation Commission

Tom Land moved, Betsy Klinger seconded, the following appointment;

  • Mimi Styles – HPC – 3 year appointment
    Vote: 5-0.

Traffic Circle on Brown Street

Tom Land brought up the idea of a traffic calming circle on Brown Street near Pine Road. Mayor Compton asked if other residents along Brown Street wanted this as well. Tom volunteered to talk to all the neighbors before pursuing this any further. Discussion…

Ordinance Revisions

  • Revised Fees Ordinance: The Mayor and Council discussed the language in Section 10, Section 6 and Section 3. Mayor Compton suggested that Tom and the clerk make the changes and be prepared to pass this in September.
  • Revised Charitable, Religious & Educational uses within Residential Zones: The Mayor and Council discussed Town Attorney Bill Roberts’ comments about the use of speed limit vs. the use of the width of the road in Article VII, Section 11.324(c). The decision was made to use the width of the road in this section and to schedule the public hearing for September 12, 2005.
  • Municipal Infractions: Mayor Compton asked to table this discussion.

Council Reports


Linda Baim reported, via written report, that more weeding had been done at the hard court and that the clay courts are more playable than ever before.


Linda Baim reported, via written report, that he is making changes to the website that will improve the general look, navigation, and speed. He is also changing the image galleries and removing dormant material.

Roads & Walkways

Georgette Cole reported that E&M Asphalt finished the WSSC work on Brown St. but S&J Enterprises still has clean-up to do. AB Veirs is putting us on their schedule for our 2005 road work. Georgette also reported that residents have made requests for the following: check the drainage at 201 Washington Grove Lane, make sure that the culvert at Grove Ave. and McCauley Street is open and re-gravel the walkway and more gravel for Cherry Avenue.


Georgette Cole reported that the Washington Grove Lane re-forestation project is going along fine and a meeting of all involved will be scheduled soon. Georgette continues to work with Jim Fletcher on tree removal issues throughout the Town.


Betsy Klinger reported that the Recreation Committee meeting had to be re-scheduled for Wednesday, August 10, 2005. Resident Sarinah Kalb will present a proposal for a toddler’s music class in the fall. The class will meet in McCathran Hall if there is enough Town interest. McCathran Hall – Betsy Klinger reported that she forwarded a complaint about the ugly telephone pole/light post in front of McCathran Hall to Ann Briggs, whose committee is reviewing Hall needs.


Some Neighborhood Watch block captains have distributed updated materials to residents. There were no official incident reports; however, the Yahoo grapevine reported a theft on Daylily Lane and a man knocking on doors asking for bus fare.


See Maintenance Report

Historic Preservation Commission

David Stopak reported that the HPC will "field test" the questionnaire before distributing it to the Town. They may also have it posted on the website. David also reported that Bob Booher, HPC Chair, is protesting the findings of the ICC draft environmental report in reference to the visual and audible impact of the proposed highway on the Town. The HPC has added 205 Maple Avenue to the list on contributing structures, made plans for printing recent house photos, and started to set up criteria for reviewing decks. The HPC is still waiting for the new computer.

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported that Carolyn Sanford (115 Chestnut Ave.) presented her plans for the demolition of her current home and the assembly of a modular home in its place. The house will not meet set back requirements unless she is allowed to use a strip of land purchased from the Town which contains covenants against that use. The permit will be denied and she will go to the Board of Zoning Appeals. Residents Rabinowitz and Ross (401 Brown Street) came to inquire about re-building their back steps and installing an underground electric fence. The PC told them that the plans for the steps would be approved in a matter of days and the fence did not require a permit at all. The developer at 350 & 352 Ridge Road met with the Commission to inquire about the return of his $5,000.00 road bond. The Planning Commission stated that the bond money would be returned as soon as the following conditions were met; utilities must be underground and permanent property markers must be installed. Darrell also reported that the Planning Commission had no further input on the two current ordinance revisions with the exception of moving them along as soon as possible. The Planning Commission also reported concerns about the status of ordinance changes sent to the Town Council for review and adoption.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Casey Field – Mayor Compton reported that the M-NCPPC legal opinion had been issued.
  • Deer Park Bridge – Mayor Compton reported that the bridge has been placed on the Montgomery County Atlas of historic properties for preservation.
  • Mayor Compton stated that the paving at the intersection of Brown Street and Ridge Road was well done. Discussion…

Tom Land moved, Betsy Klinger seconded the motion to adjourn.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:18 p.m.

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