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13 August 2018 | Approved: 10 September 2018

TC REPORT – August 2018 – Approved: 13 August 2018

PUBLIC HEARINGS (continued from July 9, 2018)

Mayor Compton called the public hearing for both Ordinance 2018-04 (Zoning Text Amendment to Modify Special Rules for Fences and Carports, add Definitions for Clarity and Consistency and Modify Accessory Building Set Backs) and Ordinance 2018-05 (Ordinance to Amend Article IV Building Permit Regulations to Modify and Clarify Requirements for Building Permits) to order at 7:37 p.m.

In attendance were Council Members Darrell Anderson, Charlie Challstrom, Pat Klein, and Audrey Maskery. Also in attendance were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, and residents Georgette Cole, Dave Cosson, Marilynn Frey, Meghan O’Connell and Virginia Quesada. Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair Satoshi Amagai was also present. Lake Committee Chair John Hutchinson arrived at 8:30 PM.

Mayor Compton asked for public comments. On behalf of the Planning Commission, Charlie Challstrom suggested changes to both Ordinances and explained that these were recommended for the sake of clarity. There were no further comments. The Public Hearing closed at 7:39 PM.


Mayor Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:39 PM.

Approval of the Agenda:

Charlie Challstrom moved to approve the agenda. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Lighting was added to the agenda under New Business.
Vote: 4-0, as amended.

Public Appearances:

There were no public appearances.

Approval of Minutes:

Charlie Challstrom moved to approve the minutes of the Town Council meeting on July 9, 2018. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. There was a discussion about the new process for posting draft unapproved minutes on the website. A few typos were noted and fixed. Vote: 4-0. Approved, as amended.

Treasurer’s Report:

Treasurers Report 2018-Julypdf
Darrell Anderson moved to accept the Treasurer’s Report for July 2018. Audrey Maskery seconded the motion. Discussion: none. Vote: 4-0. Approved.

Charlie Challstrom moved to approve the transfer of $10K from savings to checking or order to pay bills. Audrey Maskery seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0.

Review and Award of Bid for Standby Generator at McCathran Hall:


  • EPC recommendations
  • References
  • Building the sound fence (Town Maintenance will do)
  • Electric panel box too high; How to fix (flip it or build a step)
  • Generac 10 year warranty offer if ordered by August 28th
  • Residential install vs. commercial install
  • Response time for repairs
  • Location of both companies
  • Potential additional costs
  • Fiduciary responsibilities of the Council

Summary: Accounting for several add on costs, Generating Power’s bid was approximately $1,500 less than JBI Services.

Audrey Maskery moved to award the contract for a standby generator in McCathran Hall to Generating Power LLC. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion.
Vote: 3 in favor (Anderson, Challstrom, Maskery) – 1 against (Klein). Approved.

Next Steps:

  • The contract will be awarded before August 28th to obtain the 10 year warranty promotion from Generac.
  • Audrey Maskery will get in touch with the Maryland Historic Trust to start their approval process.
  • Aiming for October installation.

Ordinance 2018-04 & Ordinance 2018-05:

Charlie Challstrom moved to amend Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05 as suggested by the Planning Commission at the continuation of the public hearings. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0 to Approve amendments to both Ordinances.

Charlie Challstrom moved to enact Ordinance 2018-04 and Ordinance 2018-05 as amended. Audrey Maskery seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0. Both Ordinances approved.

Introduction of Resolution 2018-09;

Establishing a Town Dog Park
Charlie Challstrom moved to introduce Resolution 2018-09. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Discussion:

  • Consistency in language referencing the Dog Park Group/Committee
  • Oversight of the Dog Park
  • Specifications needed for incorporating into a draft RFP for construction.
  • Status of the Dog Park Committee

Action: Revisions will be suggested by Councilors and a revised Resolution will be considered in September.

Discussion of Resolution 2018-06;

Establishing Rules and Regulations for a Town Dog Park:
Several largely minor revisions and additions were incorporated.

Action: The amended Resolution will be posted on the Town web site and be announced in the September Bulletin as available for review. The Resolution will be considered for adoption at the September meeting.

Review & Approval of Changes to Maple Lake Regulations:

Several changes were proposed to the Maple Lake Rules and Regulations by the Lake Committee. Chair John Hutchinson reviewed the proposed changes for the Council.

Charlie Challstrom moved to introduce Resolution 2018-12; Maple Lake Regulations. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0.

Charlie Challstrom moved to adopt Resolution 2018-12; Maple Lake Regulations. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: 4-0. Approved. [ Resolution 2018-12; Maple Lake Regulations ]

Proposal for Herbicide Application in the West Woods in August to eradicate wavyleaf basketgrass:

The Woods Committee and Town contractor IPC (Invasive Plant Control) reported the discovery of patches and isolated plants of the new and very invasive plant wavyleaf basketgrass. IPC recommended removing the WBG before the plant goes to seed towards the end of August and threatens fern beds and native flora.

Pat Klein moved to approve targeted herbicide treatment of WBG in the West Woods by IPC per their cost estimate of $2900. Charlie Challstrom seconded the motion.
Discussion included:

  • Manual removal alternatives
  • Some resident’s concern over the use of herbicides and their associated health risks
  • The $5000 in the Budget for invasive control in the West Woods.
  • The need for deer management for long term health of the Woods.
  • A proposal by the Mayor to hold a Special Town Meeting to get a sense of Town priorities concerning the use of herbicides to control invasives. To also include deer management in the Special Town Meeting.
  • Educating Town residents on challenges to invasive control and assessing the risk of carefully controlled use of herbicides.
  • Intention to issue a Grove Alert about current spraying and possibly announcing a future Special Town Meeting about forest management.

The question was called. Vote: 3 in favor (Challstrom, Klein, Maskery) – 1 against (Anderson). Approved.

Council Reports:

Charlie Challstrom moved and Audrey Maskery seconded approval of the Council Reports and posting them on the website.

  • Potential use of Montgomery Municipal Cable equipment for recording meetings and other events.
  • Planning Commission moving ahead with an Ordinance in response to Jane Seegal’s request to purchase the Town land under two (2) parts of her home.
  • Speed bumps on Chestnut Road will be re-installed this week
  • Vote: 4-0. Approved.

Mayor’s Announcements:

PC & HPC Alternate Members Update – Mayor Compton reported two (2) residents have expressed interest in filling the PC alternate position but no one has come forth to fill the HPC alternate position.

Railroad Street Speed Hump Request Letter to MoCo – Mayor Compton reported the letter has been drafted and will go out shortly.

Status of 107 Pine Avenue – The existence of a separate dwelling above the attached garage has been confirmed. The property owner is aware of the Town’s concerns. However Mayor Compton expressed his concerns that there is a the lack of clarity in the ordinances governing this issue. He has consulted with the Town attorney who will respond further when she returns from vacation.

Administrative Business:

Contract for Website Services – Based on the increase in workload associated with delivering timely web updates, contractor Bill Saar has requested his fee for services increase from $750 per quarter to $1,000 per quarter. Mayor Compton explained this increase is in the current budget, and would be approved.

Posting of Committee Minutes –There was a brief discussion about posting all Committee Minutes on the web site. It was decided that committee/commission chairs would send their approved minutes to the Clerk who would then send along to Bill. The Clerk will inform all effected by this action. An archive of committee Minutes was suggested and Councilor Hines will look into the possibility.

New Business:

Consideration of Ordinances Prohibiting Multi-family Dwellings – See 107 Pine under Mayor’s Announcements

Lighting/Streetlights – Darrell Anderson reported the Town can no longer get replacement streetlight fixtures like our current ones from PEPCO or elsewhere. Because of the fixture issue, induction bulbs will no longer be an option either. He proposed putting together another lighting group to work on this issue. There will be a Town Bulletin announcement asking for volunteers in the September issue.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:10 PM.

Town Clerk

TC REPORTS – August 2018


Meetings. The regular monthly meeting was held July 17, 2018. The next regular meeting is scheduled for August 21, 2018.

Review: The HPC reviewed an application for renovation from Dick Cavicchi/Heather Horlacher at 127 Grove Avenue. After review, the HPC will send the application to the Planning Commission.

Progress on contract for review of the Town’s Historic District Updating. The Phase I Final Report on architectural and cultural aspects is due to the Town on August 10.

Master Plan. HPC members signed on to relevant sections of the Master Plan to inculcate issues for historic preservation. Discussion of the scope of items to include was lengthy and after members review their sections, they will report back on what should be included.


After contacts with Montgomery County Parks, they scheduled concentrated spraying in two sections of the meadow to control mile-a-minute and other invasive species. The weather has not been cooperative but spraying has been completed in the most egregious places.


Susan Van Nostrand held two gatherings to produce more of the signs for this project. The fourteen new signs produced last month were given to Steve for placement.

ROADS & WALKWAYS – Darrell Anderson

Repaving – Steve and I met to assess areas of the roads that should be considered for repaving in the fall. The most obvious area is Ridge Road between the speed bumps near the Temple’s and that past the Compton’s. It is approximately 350 feet and includes 3 speed bumps. There also is some work that will need to be done on the aprons. The plan will be to grind an inch from the current surface and lay down one or more inches of new asphalt. Approximate cost, based on previous repaving, will be from $40-$50,000. Once the Council decides what to pursue, a proposal should be issued for bids.

Lights – Discussions took place regarding our inability to find replacement parts and bulbs for our existing pole lights along roadways. This was brought about, in part, from our inability to find replacements for the fixture damaged by the pole taken down by a tree on Grove Avenue. After replacing the pole, PEPCO notified us that they cannot replace the fixture or bulb at that location because they do not have them. This leads to the question of how we move forward with lighting and the types of fixtures and bulbs that we will need since maintaining the status quo does not seem possible.

I recommend that the Council call for a “Lighting Committee” as was done before to research types of fixtures and bulbs that we should consider for replacement of our existing hardware. It must be noted that in our last round of lighting changes, the cost for electricity for street lighting was dramatically reduced, and it is expected that this may be possible in this round. It is clear that we cannot continue to replace our existing lights and fixtures since they no longer exist in numbers we need for the future.

PLANNING COMMISSION – Charlie Challstrom

Building Permits Approved:

  • 105 Grove Ave – Approved replacement of fence on both sides; boundary survey completed
  • 127 Grove Ave – Approved renovation, adding breakfast room, entrance porch, roof deck

Ordinances 2018-04 and 2018-05 – Input for Council Public Hearings: Ordinance 2018-04 has proposed amendments to Article VII, Zoning Ordinance, to modify special rules for fences and carports, add definitions for clarity and consistency, and modify accessory building setbacks. Ordinance 2018-05 has proposed amendments to Article IV, Building Permit Regulations, to modify and clarify requirements for building permits. The Council held a combined public hearing for these two Ordinances on July 9th and left the public hearing open until August 13th.

Based on further examinations of these two Ordinances, the August 1st updates distinguish between work needing a building permit, and ordinary repairs that do not require a permit. These updates incorporate definitions and language from County Code and the International Building Code that already apply in Town. The updated version of Ordinance 2018-04 has refined special rules for fences on a lot line separating adjacent properties that are oriented differently, e.g., the lot line is the rear line for one property but is the side line for the adjacent property. Some specific changes from earlier versions:

  • the proposed definition for “replace” has been removed. Instead, we have updated language for “repairs” and “ordinary repairs” using applicable language from County Code, but simpler and shorter than what was proposed earlier.
  • there is language added (from County Code and International Building Code) which addresses meanings of words and terms, and reinforces application of the Article VII definitions for Article IV.
  • the sloped or scalloped transition from a 6-foot to 4-foot fence height would apply for at least 7 feet when a fence would meet a “street line” or an “avenue line”.
  • The PC recommends the Council enact both of these Ordinances as updated.

315 Grove Ave – Sale of Surplus Land: The PC received a copy of Jane Seegal’s request to purchase two parcels of Town-owned land on which portions of her home at 315 Grove Ave are constructed. The PC reviewed this request, and the accompanying identification plat and description prepared by Snider & Associates, and determined: 1) the sale of the two parcels of Town-owned land will not create an additional building lot, and 2) public ownership of the two parcels of Town-owned land does not serve any present or foreseeable public use or function. The PC determined the submission is sufficient to document the horizontal dimensions and the current degree of non-compliance for area as per the Zoning Ordinance, Article VII, Section 5.32 (a) and (b). With regard to vertical dimensions and the non-compliance height component as per Section 5.32 (c), the PC was not able to complete its review during the PC’s August 1st meeting. The PC will continue review of Jane Seegal’s request during its September 4th meeting using height information retrieved from Town files with some additional measurements.

Master Plan Update: Work on proposed changes to the Master Plan continues by various groups and committees. Ad Hoc Advisory Groups have been solicited in the Town Bulletin. The PC will have an August 15 work session to review progress on the “2019 Master Plan Working Draft” and scope out procedures for sharing this draft document.

House Records Project: This multi-year project has reached a milestone – the summary of PC information onto a single sheet for each house is now been completed for all 225 houses in Town. A database of these House Records in being compiled to support refinement of building standards in the Town Code. Thank you to Georgette Cole, Brenda Gumula, and Deb Mehlferber!

MCCATHRAN HALL – Charlie Challstrom

A Request for Proposals was issued to solicit bids for reinforcing floor beams in the Main Hall to remediate termite damage. The scope of work relies on the recent evaluation and drawings completed by David Wallace, an engineer who assisted with previous projects for the Lower Hall flooring support and the McCathran Hall roof structure. The proposed work includes installing footers, adjustable steel columns, and steel beams sistered to existing wooden beams. Bids are requested in time for consideration at the September 10 meeting of the Town Council.


The Town is a participating member of MMC, a nonprofit organization established to operate a cable station on behalf of municipalities in Montgomery County. MMC is reaching out to its members with a questionnaire to improve how we work together. One of the questions asks if the Town is interested in having our meetings recorded to be televised on MMC. There is a proposal under consideration for MMC to provide each participating municipality with a video camera (mounted, auto-operated) and audio equipment to support recording meetings and events. Another question asks if the Town would submit information (e.g. events, important meeting agenda item, Town elections) to MMC once a month to be used in a short bulletin board segment to air in between programs where time allows. Another question asks if there any residents interested in a training course with MMC to be able to use MMC equipment to produce programming within our community for the purpose of airing it on the MMC channel. I would appreciate feedback to assist with completing the Town’s response to this questionnaire.

CONTRACTS – Rob Gilmore

In anticipation of the Town Council approving the Resolution to establish the Dog Park and initiate the process for a Request for Proposal, I am working on the RFP document with input from the Dog Park Committee and the Mayor. The RFP will then be presented to the Town Council for its consideration.

DOG PARK – Rob Gilmore

The Dog Park Committee held a meeting on July 24. The Committee’s discussions focused on the charter, functioning and mission statement. The meeting also reviewed the status of the Town Council’s review and editing of the Rules and Regulations for the Park, as well as the upcoming draft Town Council Resolution approving the Park.

In addition, co-chairs Christine Dibble and Mary Warfield have been active in providing input to the draft Resolution that I have circulated for the Town Council’s consideration, and in compiling information for the dog park construction.

WOODS – Rob Gilmore

The Woods Committee met on August 6th to discuss updates on the following topics. The East Woods invasive plant treatments were completed by IPC over a 10-day period with some weather interruptions. IPC was very satisfied with the reduction in wisteria following their first-year treatments. They will continue to treat any new wisteria growth and will treat Mile-a-minute earlier next year. A new, rapidly invasive plant, Wavyleaf Basketgrass has been found in fern beds in the West Woods, and the Woods Committee will recommend to the TC that immediate targeted treatment be conducted by IPC to prevent further spread. The Woods Committee is preparing a list of names for all the walking trails in the East and West Woods and will include on a map to be posted on the town website.

The Woods Committee met with the managers of the Montgomery County (MC) Deer Management program to discuss options for deer population control. MC has seen a significant reduction in deer-vehicular incidents over the last 10 years as a measure of success across the county. We were advised to have clearly defined objectives and to be prepared for a long-term commitment. Our town hunting ordinance would need revision for any MC managed harvesting of deer. Most important is to have town government and town resident support.

Revisions to sections of the Master Plan pertaining to the East and West Woods were discussed. The Committee will submit our recommended changes by the September deadline. The next Woods Committee meeting is rescheduled to Tuesday, September 4th to accommodate the Labor Day holiday.


Nothing to report.

WEBSITE – Marida Hines

RECREATION – Marida Hines

The Recreation Committee met on July 18, 2018. In attendance were Emily Cavey, Mary Challstrom, Elena Hebert, Jenn Hix, Meredith Horan, Rachael Hotaling, Eleni Khan, Mary Warfield, and Missy Yachup.

This was a planning meeting for the coming year. Events discussed included:

  • Labor Day Weekend – September 1-3, 2018 – Field events and potluck
  • Baseball Game — September 8, 2018
  • Bluestoberfest – October 13, 2018
  • Halloween – Wednesday, October 31, 2018 – Fire pits will be set up outside Town Hall; kids will be invited to return to Hall after trick-or-treating for optional candy swap
  • Holiday Show 2018 – Holiday Show, toy collection for Evan Foundation for distribution to children in hospitals and for Kids Give More.
  • Music Weekend – June 14-16, 2019 – Mary Challstrom and Eleni Khan will coordinate the engagement of Rock and Roll Relics (Saturday night) and The Pocket Band (Friday night) respectively. The Pocket Band plays Reggae and Alternative Rock. Mary and Eleni will check on availability and cost.
  • July 4th 2019 – Traditional activities. Lyric sheets for “Washington Grove on the 4th of July” will be supplied next year. Support for continuing sabrage was expressed. Baseball game.
  • Kid’s Fitness Class – Elena Hebert has been teaching kid’s fitness for some time. She proposes to teach a weekly class in McCathran Hall – likely a 6-week session. Classes would be 45-minutes in length and would be tailored to ages expressing interest.
  • Mindfulness, Meditation and Breath Work Class – Eleni Khan proposes to teach this class. The class length would be 45 minutes to 1 hour. Fee would be $10 per class payable in advance for a multi-week session. Elena and Eleni have been asked to write a brief blurb for the Town Bulletin describing their proposals.


The Communications Working Group met on July 16th and again on August 6. In the first meeting, the group discussed how the group will function, membership, and continued the previous discussion to set goals and outputs. It was decided to kick off the process with a survey of residents to gauge their interest and preferences for staying informed on Town official news.

In the August meeting, the draft survey was shared and finalized for distribution. The survey is scheduled to go out the second week in September, after people are back from holidays. Marilyn is taking care of some administrative tasks required to set up and send the survey. After the survey is sent and results are in, the group will set up a meeting to discuss, allowing time for posting the meeting to the website and the listserv.


Town Hall generator RFP evaluations: Two proposals were received and opened at the July 9th TC meeting from Generating Power LLC (GP); and JBI Services, LLC (JBI). Both contractors recommended comparable Generac models to provide backup electrical power to meet current electrical loads. The TC deferred decision until their next meeting on 8/13 pending EPC and Town Maintenance reviews of these proposals. EPC felt that the proposals were roughly equivalent in scope, differing somewhat in cost. The town may closely want to consider the long-term viability of the businesses. JBI appears to be a more established business with experience in installations on non-residential property. GP is a smaller entity with only residential installations. JBI’s proposal appeared more professionally prepared, though GP’s proposal demonstrated that they have thought through the process and delineated more options. Synopsis follows:

  • Models: – Both included a Generac model rated at 22 kW (kilowatts). GP also included options for Generac models rated at 20 kW and 16 kW, noting the 20 kW model is 4 dB quieter and more fuel efficient. Use of a delay switch may be necessary to allow a generator to start up and reach its operating load before the A/C unit (largest electrical load) is powered.
  • Sound Issues — Generac models have similar test/exercise mode sound levels (57 or 58 dB) but differ in normal operating mode sound levels (67 dB for the 22 kW models, and 63 dB for Synergy 20 kW model). Whether 4 dB is significantly quieter is unclear. Consider contacting JBI for a quote on Generac Synergy 20kW model. JBI optional “sound mitigating fence” would cost $9,000. GP did not include a sound fence. Town maintenance could construct a sound fence for an estimated $400.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch included in both proposals to be installed on exterior wall of McCathran Hall.
  • Interior Electrical Panel noted as being higher off floor than permitted by code. GP cost $2,050 to lower panel. JBI could add as a change order.
  • Gas Meter Upgrade – JBI proposal includes cost of meter split and coordination with Washington Gas. GP proposal states it is the Town’s responsibility to arrange with Washington Gas to have the meter upgraded and to pay Washington Gas an estimated fee of $450-$500.
  • Remote Monitoring – JBI generator comes with a built in wi-fi monitor and can be upgraded to a cellular based monitor at an additional charge. GP generator wi-fi monitor is $192 additional.
  • Annual Maintenance – JBI includes one year (2 visits) of service; then $325 per year, or $600 for 2 years. GP maintenance agreement (two visits per year) is $375 annually.
  • Warranty – JBI includes Generac’s 10-Year Extended Warranty for free ($995.00 value). The GP proposal was unclear on the availability of a 10-year warranty for non-residential applications. EPC suggested both bidders be contacted to confirm cost and availability of a 10 year extended warranty with the Town specified as owner.
  • References – GP provided 3 references with residential addresses. JBI cited generator work since 2002 with over 650 generators currently on active preventive maintenance agreements and provided 3 commercial references including Town of Somerset (22 kW Generac generator).

FEMA Generator Funding: EPC concluded that McCathran Hall would not meet the FEMA’s narrowly defined “critical facility” eligibility criteria for funding based on information received from MEMA. The generator needs to protect a “critical facility” and ensures “the facility is able to provide uninterrupted critical functions in the event of future power outages.”

Fire Hydrant Marking: completed using 2-inch wide “DOT C2” reflective tape – 4 hydrants marked with tape on the bonnet; 26 hydrants marked below the hydrant rim using a cable tie. The 2 hydrants in the East Woods were not marked.

Streetlight for Railroad Street: pending response from Montgomery County DOT regarding the Town’s recent request for installation of a streetlight on Railroad Street to safely illuminate the painted crosswalk between the Ride-On bus stops/MARC station.

County Hazard Mitigation Planning: The Town has participated in the County’s update of the Hazard Mitigation Plan, and we anticipate receiving a draft version of the plan later this month or early August. We expect this draft version will include proposed County action to restore and upgrade stormwater drainage under Railroad Street to reduce the hazards of standing water in Morgan Park.

Street Safety Improvements: Town Maintenance is installing restored street name signs at a lower more visible height. There are plans to install yellow plastic speed bumps at stop signs along Chestnut Road at Oak Street and Acorn Lane pending Town Bulletin notification.

Master Plan Update: EPC draft section “Emergency Preparedness Hazard Mitigation” will be reviewed and updated in the coming weeks.
The next EPC meeting will be August 23, 2018.

MAPLE LAKE – Pat Klein

The Lake Committee met on July 19th for discussions and updates on the following issues.
Life Guards have been doing a great job keeping swimmers safe, dealing with incidents, and keeping out intruders. The gate combination was changed on July 24th because it became apparent that non-residents had access to the combination. Swim lessons began July 2nd and some lessons were cancelled due to thunderstorms. July 30- August 3 will be an extra week for lessons and for cancellation make-up. Lake regulations have been changed to specify limits for special parties and when extra life guards are required, and for some clarity. Changes will be submitted to the Town Council for approval.
The next Committee meeting will be on August 16, 2018.


The recent rainy weather has provided the trees planted late 2017 enough water to promote growth with only modest additional watering by Town Maintenance. The next Forestry & Beautification meeting will take place 8th August at 7.30 in the Town Council Room. We will be reviewing the 2019 Master Plan sections related to our parks and other Town trees

MAINTENANCE – Audrey Maskery

The clay tennis courts were watered and rolled in preparation for the annual SITP program.
The SITP material placed in Maintenance warehouse for storage after conclusion of this year’s program.
The tennis shed cleaned; and the grass cut inside both clay and hard courts. Clay courts watered and rolled for summer tennis games.
The damaged seesaw in children’s play area has been replaced; the posts have been anchored in concrete and one of the tire bumpers has been realigned.
The children’s ‘Fort’ will gradually be refurbished starting with the supporting posts, at this time it will be ‘off limits’ for short periods; hopefully repairs will be completed within the next few months – weather permitting.
The roofing on the ‘Wishing Well’ in the Circle has been removed, and will be replaced with cedar shingles; brush from around the wishing well has been cleared providing a clear view to another of the Town’s iconic landmarks.
New 4X4 posts to replace the damaged/rotten street signs posts have been painted and installed plus the refurbished street signs supplied by Town volunteers.
The brush along Town side of Railroad Street cut back to give motorists and pedestrians a clearer ‘line-of-sight’.
The finishing touches to the Council Room table has been completed; the table was sanded down and a new Formica top glued in place.
The Ball Field grass cut, plus all parks and avenues; drainage ditches cleared throughout Town. The sediment pond at the end of Brown Street has been cleared of weeds/debris and cut grass in surrounding area.
Watered newly planted trees during dry spell throughout the Town including the end of Ridge Road.

MEMORIALS – Audrey Maskery

Nothing to report

PLAYGROUNDS – Audrey Maskery

See Maintenance report.

INTERGOVERNMENTAL – John Compton & Joli McCathran

Nothing to Report

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