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12 December 2005 | Approved: 9 January 2006

Mayor John Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:34 p.m.

Public Appearances

Carolyn Rapkievian presented a written proposal for the construction of a 60 x 90 ft. ice skating rink. A discussion about the budget, the water meter, killing the grass, the use of 2 x 12’s (too high), the plastic liner, volunteer labor, selling passes to cover expenses, actual level of Town interest and more modest proposal suggestions ensued. The suggestion of a more modest rink this season was made. Mary Challstrom said that the Recreation budget could handle the amount of $500.00 and nothing else would suffer. There was a brief discussion about safety and vandalism.
Betsy Klinger moved to approve the use of $500.00 for the first attempt at an ice rink in Woodward Park. Linda Baim seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

Approval of Minutes

Darrell Anderson moved, David Stopak seconded that the Town Council minutes of November 14, 2005 be approved as amended. Vote: 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Betsy Klinger moved, Linda Baim seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for November be accepted. Vote: 5-0.

Approval of FY 05 Audit Report

David Stopak moved, Darrell Anderson seconded the approval of the FY 05 Audit Report. Vote: 5-0.

Maintenance Report

Jim Fletcher presented his maintenance report and asked for input. Linda Baim asked him to remove the torn wind screen from the tennis court fence. Mayor Compton asked Council members to think about winter maintenance projects for Jim.

Cator Property Annexation Discussion

Mayor Compton reviewed the current status of this property. He then reported that Town attorney Bill Roberts commented about the deficiencies in the annexation request as presented. A discussion about the formal annexation process, attorney-to-attorney communication, the subdivision process, annexation with covenants, RR-4 zoning, reasonable time frames for action on annexation, zoning options and commercial zoning ensued. Darrell Anderson clarified that the Planning Commission has met with the Harrison’s, on several occasions, to discuss what they could do with the property. He believes that the Town should stay out of the sale and annex the property with our conditions. Real estate agent Kathi Kershaw reported that the Harrison’s would like the annexation with our conditions to move forward. Mayor Compton stated that he would talk to Town attorney Bill Roberts about a new zone and changing the use. He also stated that he would follow up with Kathi and schedule a meeting.

Municipal Infractions/Implementation Resolution Discussion

Darrell Anderson stated that the Planning Commission was in favor of Option #1 of the Implementation Resolution because the list of violators is not that long and it would make future enforcement easier. The PC thinks that it would set a bad precedent to give amnesty to people who blatantly disregarded the ordinances, especially when the violations are easily correctable. It establishes consistency. Discussion… Mayor Compton and the Council would like a more comprehensive list from the Planning Commission. Bruce Rothrock stated that he was in favor of the Town trying to correct things. However, the lack of criteria for violations and lack of a list of violations really hangs things up. Chris Kirtz stated that Option #2 was more "implementable" but people who have ignored requests for compliance are in a different category. Those people could be informed that the Town’s use of Option #2 would not exempt them from civil prosecution for their on-going violation. We need to see the list so that we know what we are dealing with. More discussion…
Mayor Compton suggested that this item remain on the agenda for January.

Council Reports

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported on the following:

  • 407 Acorn Lane: The Planning Commission does not know how to approach a resolution because the issue of ownership of Johnson Alley remains equivocal. The PC would like the Town Council to take the lead on this issue.
  • Municipal Infractions Ordinance: The Planning Commission supports the Municipal Infractions Ordinance and Option #1 of the Implementation Resolution. The Commission has some reservations about the 30-day notification period. The standards for implementation must be clear and enforcement must be consistent.
  • Cator Property Annexation: The newest submission by the Harrison’s seems to be contrary to what the PC has proposed in the past. The PC discussed the issue of commercial use of this property and determined that this is not practical or encouraged as in the best interest of the Town.
  • 125 Grove Ave: Resident presented plans to re-build on the footprint of an old greenhouse that was removed 18 months ago. The greenhouse was non-conforming and because of the length of time between the demolition and the re-build, the PC asked the resident to make the new building comply with our ordinances. The contractor and the home owner agreed to make the changes.

Darrell Anderson also reported that the following building permits were approved;

  • 414 Brown Street » Fence
  • 404 5th Ave. » Fence
  • 125 Grove Ave. » Addition


Darrell Anderson reported that the Montgomery County MML cancelled meetings in November and December and will hold their annual dinner on Thursday, January 4, 2006. Council members are encouraged to attend, as this is an election year and the opportunity to meet candidates in an informal setting may be invaluable, given the need for Town support of ongoing initiatives.


Linda Baim reported that residents are putting together a proposal to build a temporary ice rink near the softball diamond in Woodward Park. The rink would be erected annually and stored during the off-season. The initial expense would be $2,000.00.

Roads & Walkways

Georgette Cole reported that AB Veirs’ bid of $3,525.00 for sealing 4700 linear feet of cracks in our roadways was accepted. The project is being done in pieces because of weather restrictions.


Georgette Cole reported that the tree at 11 Quantum Place had been removed. She inspected the site and took photos.


The Recreation Committee met on November 16, 2005. Ralph Hurst attended and plans for the New Year’s Eve party were discussed. Other events discussed included the Art Show, the Holiday Concert, decorating the Town Hall, decorating the Gazebo, and caroling. The Committee supplied paper products, some refreshments, set-up and clean-up help and people power for all of these events.

McCathran Hall

The McCathran Hall Needs Committee met on November 30, 2005 and meeting notes reflect the following:

  • The Committee decided to get rid of 2 of the 3 heavy oak platforms and see how a single wood stage works.
  • The Committee recommends the Mayor ask user groups for input on AC in the Hall.
  • Allen Winter is writing specs for an upgrade to the electrical service.
  • Cord keepers have been purchased.
  • Betsy also reported that the following items are currently being done:
    • Baseboard replacement in the bathrooms.
    • Research on solving the groundwater problems near the furnace room.
    • Locks on the windows.
    • Changes in use of the storage areas and creating new storage.
    • New benches in front of the Hall.


Betsy Klinger reported that 3 incidents were reported to Neighborhood Watch; a bow hunter wearing camouflage was seen on the Casey property, unlawful entry of a garage resulting in a bicycle theft, and a coyote sighting in the 100 block of Chestnut Avenue.


see Maintenance Report.

Historic Preservation Commission

David Stopak reported that the HPC reviewed permit applications for 301 Washington Grove Lane and 205 Grove Avenue. They were unable to do a review for 125 Grove Avenue because of insufficient information. David also reported that the house photo project is nearly completed and may be presented at the January Council meeting.

Mayor’s Announcements

Casey Field – Mayor Compton reported that there was no news on the phase 1 site plan. However, a meeting about the condemnation process occurred between Toll Brothers, Park & Planning, John Compton, and Bill Chen. The biggest concern is that the preliminary plan not be re-opened because of our condemnation action. He also reported that the lawsuit papers were filled last week.

Deer Park Bridge

Mayor Compton reported that information promised by Art Holmes’ office some time ago has not yet arrived. The information in question is about the cost of maintaining the current bridge vs. the cost of building a new bridge.

David Stopak moved to adjourn. Betsy Klinger seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:57 p.m.

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