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10 February 2003 | Approved: 10 March 2003

At 7:30 p.m. Mayor John Compton stated that since a quorum was not present, we would stray from the printed agenda and listen to the WSSC Community Outreach presentation before the scheduled Public Hearing.

Public Hearing on the Proposed Annexation of Railroad Park
Mayor Compton called the public hearing to order at 8:07 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Betsy Klinger, David Stopak, Nick Suzich, John Tomlin and Treasurer Mary Challstrom. Also present were Charlie Challstrom, Pete McMahon, Diana Talbert, Mike Voigt and Rico Sturniolo. Mayor Compton began with a review of Railroad Park. Charlie Challstrom provided some background making specific reference to the original 1988 Annexation Agreement. Mr. Challstrom believes that, based on previous testimony by Nellie Maskal at M-NCPPC, the use of CL Zoning at Railroad Park would not be an issue for County Council approval. Mr. Challstrom stated that in order to stay compatible with the Master Plan, the Town must do a Deed of Dedication and record this action with County Land Records. The Mayor and Council agreed to take action at the March meeting. Mayor Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 8:22 p.m.

Public Appearances:

Pete McMahon, 105 Grove Avenue : Mayor Compton reviewed the issue at hand. Pete McMahon presented his rebuttal of the letter from Mayor Compton asking him to stop parking on Town property in Morgan Park. A discussion about inadequate parking within the Town, equitable enforcement of the regulations and parking problems in general took place.
Mr. McMahon suggested that the Town construct a public parking area in front of the Victory Garden Lot. Mayor Compton suggested that Mr. McMahon spear-head a movement to petition the Mayor and Council for the establishment of a new public parking or overflow parking area in his neighborhood.

Diana Talbert, 111 Chestnut Avenue: Ms. Talbert expressed concern over the Washington Gas Big Red Station repair at Chestnut Avenue & Brown Street. It has turned into a muddy mess and was never repaired properly after a moving truck pushed the valve below grade. It is a safety hazard. Mr. Tomlin will talk to Jim Fletcher and ask him to put up orange cones to warn people. The Clerk will call Washington Gas again. Ms. Talbert also brought up the issue of cut through traffic, speeders and asked about installing speed humps along Chestnut Road. Mayor Compton asked if Ms. Talbert knew the general consensus of her neighbors with regards to speed humps and suggested she do a little research and then make their wishes know by way of a petition. Further discussion ensued referencing the up-coming traffic study. Charlie Challstrom reminded the Mayor and Council of a past study where the Town saved money by borrowing a traffic counter from the Town of Somerset.

Approval of Minutes

David Stopak moved, Darrell Anderson seconded, that the Town Council minutes of January 13, 2003 be approved with one change in wording. Change the word
"something" to "input", in the 3rd item of his Planning Commission report. Vote: 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

John Tomlin moved, Darrell Anderson seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for December be accepted. Vote: 5-0.

Council Reports

Maple Lake

David Stopak reported that the lake is frozen and the skaters are happy.

Public Safety

David Stopak reported that a red SUV had been seen speeding through Town with its occupants throwing firewood at parked cars. A discussion ensued concerning speeders and cut-through traffic. This is a growing issue. It was also reported that people have been driving through the emergency fire entrances at Center Street and Oak Street. Still no date for a fire safety or neighborhood watch meeting.


Nick Suzich reported that he would make phone calls to prospective trash/recycling contractors to see if they intend to bid. The snow removal is going well. We don’t have all of the invoices but Mr. Suzich is fairly certain that we are over-budget.


John Tomlin reported that the no parking signs designed for residents at 215 Grove Avenue and 301 First Avenue were complete.

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported the sale of #8 The Circle brought some prospective buyers to the meeting. A permit application for Pat Klein, 207 Grove Avenue, was denied. The Commission recommended that she take her case to the Board of Zoning Appeals. A permit application was approved for an addition at 415 Center Street.


Darrell Anderson reported that the Forestry Committee met on February 5th. Arbor Day is scheduled for April 26, 2003. Kristin Perry has submitted our Tree City USA application for 2002. The tree inventory is still going on, with the help of Dan Landry the Town Forester.

Recreation Events

Betsy Klinger had nothing new to report about the scheduled Recreation Committee events.


Betsy Klinger reported the Bill Saar has updated the Website with a simpler "1st Page" so that it would download faster. Council members agreed that they would look at the site and offer Mr. Saar updated information where necessary. It was also agreed upon to save the old information on CD rather that delete it.

McCathran Hall

Betsy looked into having the leaves at McCathran Hall raked by a Girl Scout Troop as "payment" for use of the Hall. This will happen during the first or second week in March

Mayor’s Announcements

  • WSSC Properties – Mayor Compton inquired about the revised drawings and if they had been taken to the County Land Records. The corrected drawings have been signed by the Town and recorded with Land Records.
  • Casey Field Update – Mayor Compton reported that the newest Oxbridge Development plan is in the Town Office. The plan shows a paved bike trail and a wood chip path on the property. The Mayor and Council are not in favor of either path. M-NCPPC tabled the Oxbridge Development plan until the March 17th meeting. The Shady Grove Alliance is pushing for less housing and more parkland. David Stopak stated that the Town really should send a letter in support of putting land in reserve for an elementary school. This would allow the County time to assess the needs of the school system with regards to over-crowding in the schools. Discussion…
  • Cherry Avenue – The Mayor and Council agreed that legal action was necessary in order to stop the illegal operation of Mr. Nagem’s wood business. Before we take Mr. Nagem to court, Mayor Compton will write a letter explaining that Mr. Nagem will no longer be able to access Cherry Avenue and a barrier will be erected to prevent him from doing so. There was some discussion about the barrier and what it would look like.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:25 p.m.

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