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25 February 2008 | Approved: 10 March 2008

Mayor Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:38 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Charlie Challstrom, Georgette Cole, Kathie Evans, Marida Hines, and David Stopak. Also present were Pastor Judy Young, Surveyor Joe Snider and residents Ken McCathran, David Neumann, and Bruce Rothrock.

Alliance for Global Warming Solutions – Discussion

Judy Young presented a proposal and a resolution done by the church/Town Environmental Ethics Group. It adopts the recommendations from the Maryland Commission on Climate Change. Judy asked for support from the Town Council.
David Stopak moved to encourage support in Annapolis through education, endorsing the policies presented, joining the Alliance for Global Warming Solutions, and supporting the resolution as presented.

Charlie Challstrom seconded the motion.
Vote: 5-0.
It was decided that Charlie Challstrom and Betsy Klinger would serve as contact people.

Survey Accuracy Discussion with Snider & Associates

Surveyor Joe Snider came to explain the basic surveying process and to clarify general accuracy of surveys. He went on to specifically address Block 10. Joe gave the history of his participation (since 2002) in this Town project. He also discussed the fact that part of his job included using his good judgment as a surveyor especially in cases where basic information was missing. He stated that he was, and continues to be, very impressed with the accuracy of the original Maddox survey of April 12, 1897. He continued to explain that each new block survey is started from the same control point (marker) which is located in Chapel Park near Center Street and Grove Avenue. There was a discussion about the non-traditional campsites vs. traditional development sites, the old Town property corners in the Town woods, the purpose of this survey as being the confirmation of block corners only, re-subdivision, and mitigation by Town government of any unintended consequences resulting from this Town project.
Mayor Compton stated that the Town has three (3) choices where these block corner surveys are concerned:

  1. Continue to pay for these surveys and don’t record them in the land records.
  2. Pay for a second opinion to ensure correctness.
  3. Have confidence in their correctness, accept them, and record them.

The Mayor stated that any problems could be addressed on an as needed basis but it was very important that mitigation is done equitably. Mayor Compton suggested that a statement be added to Resolution 2008-01 that addressed mitigation of unintended consequences for residents should they become negative. Charlie Challstrom and Marida Hines offered to work on appropriate language.

Charlie Challstrom moved to authorize moving forward with the survey of Block 9 as arranged with Snider & Associates. David Stopak seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.
This topic was tabled until the next meeting.

Report from the Soccer Field Committee

Charlie Challstrom began by discussing the enforcement options proposed in the report vs. the requirements for enforcement in the Town Charter. He warned that the Town must stay consistent with state law. A discussion about the committee’s recommendations, enforcement inconsistencies, a timeframe for the remainder of this work, and Montgomery County laws ensued. There was also a discussion about making the proposed changes by Resolution or by Ordinance. This topic was tabled until the next meeting.

Council Reports

Georgette Cole brought up increased vehicular traffic on the Town walkways and asked for the “Walkway Only” signs to be returned to their original location of the center of each walkway entrance. She asked for the Council’s opinion and action. The Council endorsed this action starting with five (5) critical areas as seen on the map (see attached).

Georgette Cole also brought up the Historic Preservation Commission’s comments for the Master Plan mentioned in David Stopak’s report. David explained that the HPC feels that they are being ignored and that their comments about preservation have been so spread out that the net effect has severely diluted their vision. The HPC also questioned the transparency of the Master Plan process. Charlie Challstrom explained that the Master Plan process has been completely transparent and that the material in question was moved only after the required public discussion.

Someone brought up the commemorative plaque and the rock that will be installed in Morgan Park. There is a need for further discussion about placement and wording. Mayor Compton suggested that this could be done at another meeting.

External Intergovernmental Committee Idea – Discussion

Tabled until the next meeting.

Access to Public Records Policy – Draft #2

Tabled until the next meeting.
Appointment of Board of Zoning Appeals Alternate: Tabled.

Mayor’s Announcements

Mayor Compton had no updates.

New Business

Mayor Compton brought up the subject of a propane tank that was discovered to be entirely on Town property. This discovery is a result of the Block 11 survey. The Mayor asked if the Council agreed that the tank should be moved to the property owner’s land. The Council agreed that it should be moved.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:50 p.m.

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