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11 January 2013 | Approved: 14 February 2013

Following the Public Hearing for Ordinance 2012-07, Mayor Cole called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:40 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Joe Clark, Audrey Maskery, Joli McCathran, Greg Silber and David Young. Also present were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Planning Commission Chairman Charlie Challstrom, Maintenance Supervisor Steve Werts and residents Ann Briggs, Marilynn Frey, Brenda Gumula, Dave Gumula, Birgit Henninger, Ernie Kawasaki, Tom Land, Carolyn Rapkievian, Bruce Rothrock, Troy Schelling and Donna Shriner. M-NCPPC representative Brenda Sandberg arrived at 7:42 PM.

Approval of Agenda

Joe Clark moved, Joli McCathran seconded that the agenda be approved. There were no additions. Vote: 5-0.

Public Appearances

There were none.

Approval of Minutes

Audrey Maskery moved, Joe Clark seconded that the Town Council minutes for December 10, 2012 be approved. Joli McCathran requested that a sentence that she views as hearsay be stricken and Greg Silber made a grammatical correction. Vote: 5-0, as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Greg Silber moved, Joe Clark seconded that the Treasurer’s Report for December 2012 be accepted. The Treasurer fielded questions from Joe Clark and Greg Silber. Vote: 5-0.
  • Joe Clark moved, David Young seconded that $15K be transferred from savings to checking in order to pay bills. Vote: 5-0.
  • Treasurers Report 2013-01 pdf

Washington Grove Meadow Conservation Park draft Operation and Use Plan (2nd appearance)

M-NCPPC representative Brenda Sandberg presented a revised draft operations and use plan for review by the Mayor, Town Council and WGCMP Committee. Ms. Sandberg stressed the point that their vision is “to preserve the historic setting of Washington Grove”. She went through the entire document and then fielded questions from the Council, Committee members and the public. They covered the following; the quarry pits, interpretive signage, expected number of visitors, parking, resource-based recreation, entrance locations, safety, volunteer opportunities, and budgets. The Mayor and Council thanked Ms. Sandberg for coming and stated that comments would be coming in the next two (2) weeks.

Proposed Council Resolution to support banning assault weapons and high capacity magazine magazines

Joe Clark moved, Audrey Maskery seconded that Resolution 2013-01 be introduced and adopted. Mayor Cole thanked Joe Clark for initiating the process and the original draft resolution. She explained that the final wording was influenced by President Obama asking for a ground swell of support on this issue. This resolution will be sent to our legislators in both Annapolis and Washington, DC. Resident Larry French sent an e-mail to voice his support for this action as well. There was a brief discussion about high capacity magazines, assault weapons and encouraging residents to write Governor O’Malley. Vote: 5-0.

McCathran Hall Report

The Mayor and Council reviewed the second report (Phase One) sent by David Wallace. This is the detailed study of the columns and sill plates. A discussion ensued. Mr. Wallace recommended that a temporary center post be installed in the Hall in order to prevent further damage to the corner posts, and eliminate the possibility of collapse, in the event of a heavy snow. This should be done as soon as possible.

Joli McCathran moved, Audrey Maskery seconded the authorization of up to $4,999.99 for the installation of a temporary support pole in the center of McCathran Hall. Vote: 5-0.

Joli McCathran moved, Joe Clark seconded the authorization of up to $4,999.99 for Phase Two; preparation of design and details for the final repair that will be suitable for a contractor Request For Proposals (RFP) in our normal bid process. Vote: 5-0.

Joli McCathran volunteered to consult with the Historic Preservation Commission about grant money through other historic avenues.

Council Reports

Greg Silber asked to report about the recent OLAC meeting. He presented a handout with five (5) specific points for consideration. Most thought that the third (3rd) bullet needed clarification. A discussion about brightness (old incandescent vs. new induction), cost factor for shields and the current outstanding request for a light on Hickory Road ensued. The sense of the Council was that this document presented a good starting point and the committee should move forward with their work.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Deer Park Bridge Update – Nothing new to report.
  • Towne Crest Development – Mayor Cole reported that amended plans (3rd set) were delivered to our lawyer on Friday, January 11, 2013. Some adjustments to setbacks were made; however, not all of the homes on Daylily Lane will benefit from the change.
  • MARC Update – Joli McCathran reported that a stop in the form of a “flag stop” was restored by MARC. Town riders are pleased.

New Business

Joli McCathran reported that a spot on the new sidewalk along Washington Grove Lane (across from Daylily Lane) has been underwater twice after recent rains. She stated that Montgomery County needs to be notified about this.

Mayor Cole asked the Council to think about budget requests for the coming fiscal year

The meeting was adjourned at 10:00 p.m.

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