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13 January 2014 | Approved: 10 February 2014

Mayor Cole called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:31 p.m. In attendance were Audrey Maskery, Joli McCathran, Carolyn Rapkievian, Bill Robertson, Greg Silber and David Young. Also present were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Planning Commission Chair Charlie Challstrom, resident David Hix and property owner Dennis Kane.

Approval of Agenda

Bill Robertson moved, David Young seconded that the agenda be approved. Vote: 6-0.

Public Appearances

There were none.

Approval of Minutes

Carolyn Rapkievian moved, Bill Robertson seconded that the meeting minutes for December 9, 2013 be approved. A few changes were made. Vote: 6-0; as amended.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Greg Silber moved, Bill Robertson seconded that the Treasurer’s Report for December 2013 be accepted. Vote: 6-0.
  • Treasurers Report 2013-12 pdf

Bridge Advisory Group Report Discussion

  • Mayor Cole briefly reviewed the packet of information distributed before the December meeting of the Town Council. She directed the Council to the summary page containing the Bridge Advisory Group’s recommendations. She added "D – Quiet Zone Proposal" to Section II. Section I advises the Mayor and Council to pursue a plan for improvements to the Railroad Street Corridor. Mayor Cole suggested that this improvements plan be given to the Town Planning Commission for review and recommendations. Audrey Maskery asked what part Forestry & Beautification would play in the area. A discussion ensued. Most agreed that priorities for this area are in order.
  • At this time, Mayor Cole elected to do her update about the Roberts Oxygen property. At a previous meeting with Town and Roberts’ representatives, the idea of additional landscape screening on the North side of the property was proposed. Mayor Cole reported that the Roberts Oxygen Board will not entertain this idea, as it would take too much of their land. Roberts Oxygen intends to install a new black fence on their west side near the Ridge Road entrance. They will consider our proposal to pull the fence back fifteen (15) feet to allow space for the Town to install and maintain additional landscaping in that area. There was a discussion about the bus stop, drainage, landscape plans and eminent domain. Stay tuned…
  • Mayor Cole reported that there was no response from the fire code official yet. Shelley Winkler’s e-mail with her list of suggested improvements at the Roberts Oxygen property was also discussed. The problem with offensive bright lights seems to have been ameliorated. Shelley’s concerns about zoning violations are being pursued.
  • At this time, Mayor Cole continued with Section II of the Bridge Advisory Group Report. There was discussion about a noise study and what would or wouldn’t be gained by doing one, County and Federal regulations and safety problems at Aitcheson Crossing. Mayor Cole stated that she knew of no timetable for repairs and/or rebuilding Aitcheson Crossing at this time. She went on to say that she would like Section II (C) to be reviewed by the Planning Commission. Chairman Challstrom stated that other Town groups should also comment on these recommendations. He suggested the Planning Commission comments could act as a framework for others. Ann Briggs sent an e-mail supporting Shelley’s comments concerning the need to reach out to Gaithersburg and added a suggestion to reinstate the property acquisition set aside fund.

Council Reports

  • Bill Robertson moved, David Young seconded that the December Council Reports be approved for posting on the website. The Mayor and Council discussed McCathran Hall work by Town Maintenance during the winter, the agenda for the joint TC, PC, HPC meeting on January 27th, the need to protect archeological resources in the Washington Grove Meadow Conservation Park, possible restrictions on the use of metal detectors on public land, and the January 23rd public forum on deer management. Vote: 6-0.
  • Town Council Reports – December 2013 pdf

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Roberts Oxygen Update – See previous Bridge Advisory Report Discussion.
  • CSX-Deer Park Bridge Update – See previous Bridge Advisory Report Discussion.
  • Joint TC, PC, HPC Worksession – Mayor Cole reminded everyone of the joint worksession scheduled for January 27th. The agenda for this meeting will be posted in the usual places on or about January 20, 2014.

New Business

  • Charlie Challstrom reported that the Planning Commission approved moving forward with the Block Corner Project with Snider & Associates and set Block 6 as the next in line. The Commission also recommended a consultation with Snider about Blocks 13 & 15.
  • Treasurer Mary Challstrom asked the Mayor and Council to keep in mind the Budget Worksession scheduled for March 24, 2014 and asked to have all budget information to her by the end of February.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:54 p.m.

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