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12 July 1999 | Approved: 9 August 1999

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Mayor John Compton. In attendance were Councilors Dave Gumula, Paris Pacchione, Nick Suzich, Dodie Tippens, Carol Uhlendorf and Allen Winter. Town residents Bruce Crise and Dennis Kirschbaum also were present.

Approval of Minutes

Carol Uhlendorf moved, Paris Pacchione seconded, that the Town Council minutes of May 10, 1999 be approved as amended.
Vote: 6-0.

Dave Gumula moved, Carol Uhlendorf seconded, that the Treasurer be authorized to transfer funds, if necessary, to pay bills in July. Vote: 6-0.

Mayor’s Announcements

Mayor Compton announced the following:

  • Oakmont School to hold training session in McCathran Hall
  • First AME Church of Gaithersburg celebrates 15th anniversary; Town invited to participate and to discuss common goals
  • diving board has been installed; Local Government Insurance Trust has made an inspection to advise on safety
  • Town will mail out and collect gas surveys in the fall. Questionnaire will retain questions posed by Washington Gas but will include additional questions.
  • Phil Edwards’ Washington Grove 1937-1977 to be published soon. Town to grant Phil funds to publish book in exchange for 500 copies of same. Gail Littlefield has volunteered to coordinate sales for the Heritage Committee.
  • Town Attorney clarified prohibition on use of outdoor power equipment before noon on Sunday in Washington Grove. Town ordinance supersedes County noise ordinance.
  • The ELLIS Group, owners of the Ridge Road parcel formerly owned by WSSC, plan to build houses on the 1.57-acre parcel (RR-3 zone – minimum lot size 20,000 square feet)
  • public hearing and action on Pammel annexation postponed to allow additional notice


Allen Winter moved, Carol Uhlendorf seconded, to confirm the following:

  • reappointment of Mary Kay DuBois, Betty Knight and Nancy McCullough to Board of Supervisors of Elections
  • reappointment of Don Henninger to local Fire Board

Vote: 6-0.

Accessory Building Definition

Public Hearing Date August 9 A zoning text amendment initiated by the Town Planning Commission proposes to clarify the definition of an accessory building and its relationship to a main building. A hearing date to take public comment was set for August 9.

Council Reports

Planning Commission

Allen Winter reported the following:

  • draft tree preservation ordinance to be included in both July and August Town Bulletins for study prior to public comment at September Planning Commission meeting
  • the ELLIS Group, developers of WSSC property, to explore denser development than current zoning permits
  • Commission discussed permitting covered porches (open on 3 sides) to extend into setbacks

Public Safety

Allen Winter reported on vandalism which occurred the night of July 3 along Ridge Road, Oak Street and Grove Road. Streets signs were taken down, portable toilet overturned. No reports of permanent damage.


Carol Uhlendorf reported that Juan Bustamante, owner of Metropolitan Auto, has been helpful in watering Railroad Park.


Carol Uhlendorf reported on MML convention workshops whose topics included municipal ethics, annexation, and Census 2000. Carol also reported on the Academy for Excellence in Local Governance which offers educational opportunities to local government officials.


Dodie Tippens reported that measurements have been made to determine the depth of Maple Lake at several points near the diving board.


Paris Pacchione reported that Jim Fletcher has installed the diving board, removed a number of dead dogwoods, inventoried and repaired street signs, gotten estimates for remaining Maintenance Shop improvements and continued the walkway regraveling program.


Dave Gumula reported that baseballs signed by the players and photos from “The Game” on July 3 will be put into the Town archives.

Roads and Walkways

Dave Gumula noted that a survey of Town walkways shows encroachment in some areas by shrubbery and rocks. The Town will seek to devise a method of graveling walkways that distributes less stone more evenly, a method likely to be more labor intensive.

Naming of Recreation Equipment Building

Nick Suzich moved, Dodie Tippens seconded, that the structure built to house tennis and other recreation equipment be named "Ann’s Folly" in honor of Mayor Ann Briggs. Ann, who supervised its construction during her tenure as Mayor, has assented. Vote: 6-0.

Other Business

Nick Suzich asked if residents could plant memorial trees in Town. The answer was a resounding YES! as long as the location is approved by the Forestry Committee and Town maintenance.

Dodie Tippens reported that she and Woman’s Club member Cal Reznek will work to update the Town welcome packet and devise a way to distribute them.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:47 p.m.

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