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23 July 2007 | Approved: 13 August 2007

Mayor Compton called a regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:33 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Charlie Challstrom, Georgette Cole, Marida Hines, and David Stopak. Also present were Town residents Elly and Ann Briggs, George Paine, Paula Puglisi, and John Tomlin.

Council Reports


Kathie Evans prepared a notice to be put on roadside brush piles urging residents to use the services of the Town’s yard waste contractor for brush pickup rather than Town maintenance. Darrell Anderson will also ask Jim about the status of the Grover Groundhog notification program that Betsy Klinger designed.

Planning Commission/Intergovernmental

Charlie Challstrom said that Master Plan elements on municipal growth and water resources need further work. Charlie reported that a preliminary draft of the Master Plan would likely be ready in October. Bob Booher and Charlie represented the Town at a Montgomery County Planning Board Roundtable Discussion on the Intercounty Connector. The Cator property annexation is complete and the “Notice of Change in Corporate Boundaries” will soon be filed with the State.


Georgette Cole distributed maps of the 2006 Gypsy Moth Egg Mass Survey Results indicating the area that was sprayed by the State in spring 2007. Georgette recounted her discussions with the Maryland Department of Agriculture who have conducted gypsy moth surveys in the past. The Council urged Georgette to continue looking for someone qualified to perform an independent gypsy moth count; Dan Landry was suggested as a source. David Stopak reported that Steve Werts has offered to do tree work for the Town. Mary Challstrom noted that anyone doing tree work for the Town must be licensed and insured.

Maple Lake

Jim will be asked to make a sign for the Maple Lake parking lot stating that “Cars must be removed from the lake area at dusk”. Marida noted that there is not a lot of written guidance about lifeguard responsibilities or Maple Lake in general.

Historic Preservation Commission

David Stopak announced that a new archivist is being sought for working on the Town’s records. Mary Challstrom said that she has contacted the Gaithersburg Community Museum to find an archivist familiar with the PastPerfect software.

Traffic Calming and Enforcement

It was proposed that a zebra crosswalk be installed at the intersection of Maple Road and Oak Street with paddles placed at the sides. Darrell Anderson moved, Georgette Cole seconded, that this traffic order be approved. Vote: 5-0.

Traffic tape will be ordered for pavement stop lines at Town intersections. Mayor Compton asked that a member of the Council work with Town maintenance to assure that stop lines are placed far enough out for good visibility. Georgette reported on her discussions with other towns about police enforcement of speeding. The Council expressed interest in learning more about the LaserCraft traffic van equipped with a speed measuring device. George Paine or Georgette Cole will contact Rockville who reportedly uses this van for traffic enforcement. The Mayor asked that aesthetically pleasing speed limit signs be placed at Town entrances and that we ascertain whether all Town roads, especially the straight-aways, are adequately signposted.

Mayor’s Announcements

Legacy Open Space Condemnation Update – Mayor Compton reported that there has been no news yet about a summary judgment in the Town’s condemnation case.

Casey 6 & 7 Update

Mayor Compton announced that the County has expressed interest in buying the former proposed school site in Piedmont Crossing for active recreation rather than using Casey 6 for this purpose. Under this scenario, more of the existing tree line could be retained. Mayor Compton will meet on Thursday with EYA representatives, the owners of Casey 6 & 7. Town representatives will set up meetings with M-NCPPC and SHA transportation planners as well as the ICC contractor to lobby on Town issues.

Woodward Park Soccer Field Use

Ann and Elly Briggs expressed dismay with soccer players speeding as they leave the Woodward Park soccer field. The problem of teams without permits using the field continues. Darrell Anderson has met with several teams, including taking a permit application down to players and explaining the process for getting a permit. There are currently times available for permitted team play. Darrell will follow up with Kathy on her return to see what permitting is possible. Teams with permits would give the Town leverage when rules like speeding are broken. Charlie Challstrom objected to wording on the Town’s website suggesting that Montgomery County Police be called for enforcement.

New Business

A sign notifying neighbors when a building permit application has been made was approved by the Mayor and Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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