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23 June 2008 | Approved: 7 July 2008

Mayor Anderson called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:33 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Charlie Challstrom, Georgette Cole, John Compton, Kathie Evans, and Marida Hines. Councilor Joe Clark arrived after the approval of the agenda. Also present were Treasurer Mary Challstrom and Town resident Sheldon Bierman.

Approval of the Agenda

Charlie Challstrom requested the addition of the Hanagan agreement to the agenda. Georgette Cole moved to approve the agenda as amended. Charlie Challstrom seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

Council Reports

See attached written reports. As part of her report, Kathie Evans announced the re-opening of the Woodward Park field. She said that two (2) permits had been issued so far. They are for two (2) different teams whose players are 11 year old girls. Kathie also brought up the issue of a week-long soccer camp proposed by resident coach Sean Kelly. Discussion… It was suggested that if this were a Town-sponsored activity (through the Rec. Committee), then Sean’s unorthodox request might work. Mayor Anderson suggested that Sean be asked to attend the next Council meeting to discuss this. Georgette Cole stated that the company with whom the Town contracted to do the crack sealing on the roads still hasn’t done the job. Because it is so close to the end of the fiscal year, she asked if a new contract should be executed or if the old one should simply be extended. It was decided to extend the old contract. Georgette will send a letter to Tenniseal.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Deer Park Bridge: Mayor Anderson reported that the Deer Park Bridge Committee had a meeting last week. Specific goals were assigned. Mayor Anderson has called Montgomery County and asked for all inspection reports from 2005 until the present. He will find a previous list of recommendations produced by the County and ask what items on the list were completed. Mayor Anderson believes that the Town should get their “ducks in a row” and then talk to the political folks. A discussion about the timing of inspections, meetings with the County & Gaithersburg, when to apply some political pressure and easements ensued.
  • 104 Maple Road: There was a discussion about the actual violations at this property. They are; having untitled vehicles on public property and parking facing an avenue. Mayor Anderson will send a letter to the property owner and give him two (2) weeks’ notice to fix the problem. Sheldon Bierman stated that, in order to be consistent and equal, a letter must go to George Paine as well. There was a brief discussion about the fact that the grass was waist-high.

FY 2008 Budget Transfer Resolution

Charlie Challstrom moved to adopt Resolution 2008-04; Budget Transfers. Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0.

Town Tree Trimming Policy – Discussion

John Compton reviewed the current tree trimming policy; residents may properly trim any Town tree that is encroaching on private property at their own expense. The Town has “cautiously” taken care of this type of issue with Town funds, but it is not the standard operating procedure. Georgette Cole asked for guidance in dealing with a Town tree near 112 Chestnut Avenue that may interfere with the new water service for the new home. Discussion… If there is a clear and present danger, the Town will bring in experts (at the Town’s expense) and go with their recommendations. Georgette and Jim will meet with the resident and look at the potential problem.

Hanagan Agreement

Charlie Challstrom reported that the Kevin Hanagan expressed some concern about the fact that the new agreement was signed by someone who is no longer the mayor. He asked for a new copy signed by the current mayor. Charlie will take care of this.

Mayor’s Appointments

  • Kathie Evans moved to endorse the appointment of Marc Hansen as a regular member of the Board of Zoning Appeals for another 3-year term. John Compton seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0.
  • Charlie Challstrom moved to endorse the appointment of Ed Roberts to the Gaithersburg-Washington Grove Fire Board. Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0.

New Business

The Kelly soccer camp proposal was re-visited for further clarification. Sean Kelly will be asked to come to the next Town Council meeting with his proposal. Marida Hines will ask the Recreation Committee, via e-mail, about the idea of sponsorship.

Joe Clark asked about road closures on the 4th of July during the dedication of the plaque/rock in Morgan Park. Darrell and Joe will discuss this and take action.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

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