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11 June 2012 | Approved: 19 July 2012

Our State Delegates, Senator Nancy King, Kirill Reznik and Shane Robinson gave their reports on the 2012 Legislative Session. There was a brief question and answer period. They left at 8:27 p.m.

Mayor Cole called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 8:28 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Joe Clark, Audrey Maskery, Joli McCathran, Bill Robertson, Greg Silber and David Young. Also present were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Planning Commission Chairman Charlie Challstrom and residents Lisa Chong, Bruce Crise, Jenny Long and Marty Long.

Approval of Agenda

Joe Clark moved, Greg Silber seconded that the agenda be approved. Mayor Cole added the Budget Transfer Resolution No. 2012-03 to the agenda. Vote: 6-0.

Public Appearances

Bruce Crise expressed his displeasure with the Council’s decision to install a new streetlight on a pole on Hickory Road behind his home at 208 Chestnut Avenue. He stated that because this directly affected his home he should have had more opportunity to discuss this and have his input heard. He suggested tree trimming around existing fixtures and, for those who were afraid to walk in the area, taking an alternate route as ways to mitigate the current problem. He and his wife want to see the light before they agree to anything. He went on to ask about the power of the Council, a Town lighting plan, choices, committee activity/power and who actually worked on this project. He also asked about a Town lighting standard. Mayor Cole explained that the long-term lighting plan was complicated and that the action to add lighting to two (2) specific areas (Grove Road and Hickory Road) was a public safety issue. She also noted that the lighting issue had been going on for two (2) years and was discussed at numerous Council meetings. Bruce asked if there was a Town standard for lighting. Another discussion about appropriate lighting, spacing, shading, wattage, PEPCO, communication, process, the Town Master Plan language, clarity, equality, a six (6) month – two (2) year plan, a two (2) year – 10 year plan and funding ensued. Joe Clark and Greg Silber volunteered to act as a Council sub-committee to the Outdoor Lighting Advisory Committee. Their purpose is to draft a charge from the Mayor and Council to OLAC. They will also draft a plan and protocol to help guide the Mayor and Council in future decision-making. Bruce thanked the Mayor and Town Council.

Approval of Minutes

Audrey Maskery moved, David Young seconded that the Town Council minutes for May 21, 2012 be approved. Vote: 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Joe Clark moved, Audrey Maskery seconded that the Treasurer’s Report for May 2012 be accepted. There was a brief discussion about Capital Improvements. Vote: 6-0.
  • Treasurers Report 2012-06 pdf

Budget Transfer Resolution No. 2012-03

Joli McCathran moved to introduce, adopt and make effective Resolution No. 2012-03. Audrey Maskery seconded the motion. A discussion ensued. Vote: 6-0.

Planning Commission Appointment

Joe Clark moved, Bill Robertson seconded that the Mayor’s appointment of Brenda Gumula as a full member of the Planning Commission be approved. Vote: 6-0.

Annual Report from the Planning Commission

The Mayor and Council received the Annual Report from the Planning Commission. This document will be sent to the State of Maryland by Charlie Challstrom. They thanked Charlie for a job well done.

Accept Resignation of Town Attorney Bill Roberts

Joe Clark moved, Joli McCathran seconded that Town Attorney Bill Roberts’ resignation be accepted. Vote: 6-0.

Town Attorney Appointment

Joli McCathran moved, Greg Silber seconded that the Mayor’s appointment of Suellen Ferguson to the position of Town Attorney be accepted. Vote: 6-0.

Council Reports

  • David Young moved, Joe Clark seconded that the Council Reports for May 2012 be approved for posting on the Town website. Vote: 6-0.
  • Town Council Reports – June 2012 pdf

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Towne Crest Redevelopment – Mayor Cole said that the second Map Amendment proposal from Towne Crest Apartments, LLC was better than the first but that the Planning Commission still considered it unacceptable and she agreed. Moreover, our attorney, David Brown, has shown that the plan still has serious technical violations that he feels should keep it from being approved by the Planning Board. Greg Silber asked, why, if the second proposal is still in violation of setbacks and compatibility, is this plan being allowed to go further in the process. A discussion about the nature of the Local Map Amendment process and inconsistencies in the presented plans ensued. This plan will go before the County Planning Board in July and the County Hearing Examiner in September. Mayor Cole thanked the Planning Commission for their work in the review of this project.
  • Deer Park Bridge Update – Mayor Cole announced that several Town representatives and Senator Nancy King met with CSX on June 5, 2012. She felt that the meeting went well. The Town advisory group is working on how a potential agreement with CSX could protect and benefit the Town. This information will be presented to Town residents at a Special Town Meeting. There was a brief discussion about storm water run-off, sheet flow, design approval and the shielding of lights from automobiles.
  • EMOC Salt Barn – Mayor Cole reported that the color choices and the landscaping are finalized. There was a mention of how Roberts Oxygen might choose to exit their property. Hopefully they will end the practice of taking the oxygen trucks across the railroad tracks.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:05 p.m.

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