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10 March 2003 | Approved: 14 April 2003

Mayor Compton called the meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:41 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Betsy Klinger, Peggy Odick, David Stopak, Nick Suzich and Treasurer Mary Challstrom. Also in attendance were Rico Sturniolo, Michael Voigt, Charlie Challstrom, Montgomery County Outreach Coordinator Luis Martinez and Ken Shumaker from Montgomery County Sanitation.

Approval of Minutes

Darrell Anderson moved, Betsy Klinger seconded that the Town Council minutes of February 10, 2003 be approved with corrections. Vote: 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Peggy Odick moved, David Stopak seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for February be accepted. Vote: 5-0.

Railroad Park Annexation Resolution

Charlie Challstrom initiated a discussion about the F-R vs. C-L zoning. Darrell Anderson moved, Peggy Odick seconded the motion that the Town Council adopts Resolution 2002-06, "Annexation of Railroad Park". Vote: 5/0

Board of Elections Appointments

Nick Suzich moved, Peggy Odick seconded the motion to re-appoint Mary Kay Dubois, Betty Knight and Kristin Perry to the Board of Elections. Vote: 5/0

Refuse and Recycling Bids Opened

The Mayor and Council opened bids from 5 refuse and recycling companies. Mr. Shumaker brought up the fact that the low bidders truck their trash to PA where the dumping fee is only 29.00/ton. Mont. Co. fee is $59.00/ton. Discussion. The Mayor and Council will award the contract at the next meeting. Mr. Shumaker was the only vendor that attended the meeting.

Maple Avenue Street Light

Mr. Fletcher will be asked to look into an appropriate fixture, placement and size for a street light located on Maple Avenue between Brown Street and Railroad Street.

Discussion /Changes in Town Council meeting schedule

Mayor Compton asked for discussion about the pros & cons of 1 long meeting vs. 2 shorter meetings. Town business has increased and more time is required to get it done. Lots of discussion.This was a willingness to try something. Budget work session was set for April 28th.

Council Reports


Nick Suzich reported that snow removal went well; however, we are over budget. We are still missing 4 invoices. The total cost for the season is approximately $7,000.00. Per contract specifications, Waste Management began picking up yard waste on March 1st. Paperwork for Program Open Space funds is in the beginning stages. We are still waiting for County approval that will allow the Town to apply for the State funds. Because of the hard winter, Nick will ask our leaf contractor to move the contracted spring pick up date back to the 1st two weeks of April.

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported that Town attorney Bill Roberts believes that Fiber Clean at the Commercial Corner would be prohibited because the daily cleaning of the machines is in violation of our Town Ordinances. John McClelland will call Mr. Wilcox of Fiber Clean. Darrell also reported about a request from Maggie Range (#8 Circle) for guidance with the placement of a dumpster during her coming renovation. The Council agreed that the dumpster could sit on Grove Avenue, near the alley that accesses her property, as long as it doesn’t completely block the avenue. The Council would like to know how long the dumpster would be on the avenue and if Jim Fletcher would supervise its placement. A petition for additional street lights on Ridge Road was presented. A discussion ensued. The clerk will pull the report from the Lighting Committee to determine what type of light to consider. Forestry – Darrell Anderson reported that April 26, 2003 is Arbor Day this year.

Recreation Events

Betsy Klinger reported that the Recreation Committee will be sponsoring Art Classes for Town kids. Carolyn Rapkievian spear-headed the idea. Classes will be on Friday afternoons from 4 – 5 p.m. beginning April 25th. The classes will be taught by Town artists. This years Music Weekend Friday night program will be a Swing Band dance with Pizza & Beer. The Reptile World program is scheduled for April 6th at 3:00 p.m..


Betsy Klinger reported that she noticed a gap in the Town Council minutes and asked the clerk to call Bill Saar. Betsy also asked if the Town Council agenda could be put on the website the Friday before the meeting. Discussion.


Peggy Odick reported that a large pot hole on Ridge Road needed to be filled. Jim Fletcher will be asked to do this.


A request came to the Mayor asking for special recognition of a resident by renaming Mulch Alley after her. Peggy Odick thought that it was a "slippery slope" and asked about a tree or a plaque. More discussion. Mayor Compton requested copies of the Memorials Policy for the next Council meeting.

Public Safety

David Stopak reported that residents of 2 houses on Ridge Road noticed footprints in the snow that lead up to windows of their houses. Discussion. It was decided that the clerk would call Patricia Deely Town Fire Board Member and ask for assistance in setting up a fire safety meeting. Luis Martinez, Up-County Regional Services Center of Montgomery County, participated in the fire safety discussion. Mr. Martinez also announced that there were openings on the Up-County Citizens Advisory Board.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Special Town Meeting: Mayor Compton reviewed the petition requesting a Special Town Meeting and discussed how this meeting would be conducted. It was decided to use abbreviated Roberts Rules of Order.
  • Nagem Update – Town attorney Bill Roberts believes that we should install a barrier to block vehicular access to this property. The Council thinks that the barrier should go the length of Cherry Avenue on both sides. Mayor Compton will write a warning letter to Mr. Nagem in order to give him time to remove his equipment and the wood.
  • Casey Field Update – Oxbridge is on the agenda of the Wetlands Committee meeting on the 17th. Mayor Compton reviewed the school issue again. Shady Grove Alliance has interviewed attorney Norman Knopf to represent their issues with the Oxbridge Plan & M-NCPPC. Discussion. Mayor Compton did, with Shelley Winkler’s help, write a letter supporting the need for a land reserve for a school in the Shady Grove Sector Master Plan. David Stopak thought that the letter should mention the specific property. Other Council members didn’t think it needed to.
  • Deer Park Bridge Update – Darrell Anderson and John Compton attended a meeting and explained Town concerns with this project. A meeting is being put together with new DPWT and the surrounding areas. A study will get underway.

Other Business

Fiber Clean – covered in Planning Commission report.

Planning Commission Appointments – Bulletin item; immediate need to fill Vicki Andrews’ space. Term is through July ’05.

Public Parking; Grove Rd., Pine Ave., Brown St. – referred to Planning Commission because it is a land use issue.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:08 p.m.

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