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10 May 2004 | Approved: 19 July 2004

The meeting began at 7:00 p.m.. In attendance from the State Legislature were P.J. Hogan, Joan Stern, Charles Barkley and Nancy King. The Legislators each gave a review of this year’s session.

Mayor John Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 8:34 p.m.. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Betsy Klinger, Tom Land, Peggy Odick, David Stopak, John Tomlin, and Treasurer Mary Challstrom. Town residents Charlie Challstrom, Linda Baim, Ed Roberts, Kathie Evans, Paula Puglisi, George Paine, Tami Williams, Carol Uhlendorf, Jamie Holtzclaw and Satoshi Amagai.

Public Appearances

Volunteer Summer In The Parks Director Tami Williams came to get a sense of the Council concerning the idea of extended hours for the program and the "Art In The Park" stepping stones project. The Mayor and Council thought that extended hours were fine as long as the parents paid 100% of the extra cost. The stepping stones project was well received. Tami was asked by the Mayor and Council to consult with Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher in order to determine the best area for the stones.

Approval of Minutes

Peggy Odick moved, Darrell Anderson seconded, that the Town Council minutes of April 12, 2004 be approved. Vote: 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Peggy Odick moved, Tom Land seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for April be accepted. Vote: 6-0.

Peggy Odick moved, Darrell Anderson seconded, that the Treasurer be authorized to transfer funds. Vote: 6-0.

Adoption of Recommended Budget FY2005 & Tax Rate

Peggy Odick moved, Tom Land seconded, that the FY2005 Budget & Tax Rate be adopted. Vote: 6-0.

Revisions to McCathran Hall Policy

The Mayor and Council agreed that the McCathran Hall Committee did a great job on this task. Mayor Compton stated that in order to be consistent with the other increases, the non-resident fee should be $325.00 and proposed the change. The Council agreed. The Mayor and Council added the following to the Resolution;

  • Hall Scheduler should add to the verbal instructions; calling-in with any changes to the list of adult sponsors required in #7.
  • No preparation for a rental or clean up from the night before may start before 8:30 a.m..
  • Hall Scheduler should add the Check List for Clean up to the packet of information.
  • #19. Exceptions to the rental schedule and cancellation policy shall be determined by the Mayor and Town Council.
  • Tom Land moved to introduce the new resolution for the Use and Rental of McCathran Hall as modified. David Stopak seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0.

Council Reports


David Stopak reported that the new piece of playground equipment is up and mulched. David also reported that Jim did an interim fix on the parking lot at the tennis courts and he will ask him to fill the remaining holes with gravel. Linda Baim and "Company" have done a huge amount of work at the tennis courts. The next step is the green stone application. David reported that he would ask Jim Fletcher to pick up the materials from Har-Tru in Hagerstown Maryland. The older climber at Woodward Park has a broken sliding board. David will also ask Jim to order to correct piece and install it. Maintenance – David Stopak reported that Jim Fletcher would like direction about the 4 x 4 barrier proposed to block access to the Casey Field along Ridge Road. The Mayor and Council agreed that the barrier should be put in place ASAP.

Roads & Walkways

John Tomlin reported that A.B. Veirs will do our road work for an estimated $29,160.00. The Clerk will call Veirs and get us on their work schedule. A discussion ensued about the pros and cons of interim sealant on Town roadways.

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported that the Planning Commission would like to add the collection of a road bond to building permit applications for work that will have a considerable impact on the Town roads or other Town properties. Darrell also reported that the Planning Commission will begin investigating possible code enforcement officers and a list of duties to be performed. Fines were also discussed. The PC is also considering the need for a permit when graveling driveway aprons that are really Town property. It was reported that the Prime Choice Catering business at the Commercial Corner may be leaving. The Commission recommends that the Ordinances relating to the use of the Commercial Corner should be revised after they leave, in order to prevent another non-conforming business in its place. Forestry & Beautification – Darrell Anderson reported that Arbor Day was a huge success with more than 20 people turning out to clean up the area in front of McCathran Hall. Darrell also reported that the cicada emergence does not pose a problem for our newly planted trees.

McCathran Hall

Betsy Klinger reported that four of the six storm windows for the lower Hall are puttied and primed. The other two are on their way. Betsy also reported that the gutter work has been completed. The next project is to get estimates for A/C in the upper Hall. Neighborhood Watch – Betsy Klinger reported that the paintballers struck again on Ridge Road.


Betsy Klinger reported that Kathi Carey-Fletcher stepped down after many years as Chair of the Recreation Committee. Mary Kay Dubois and Missy Yachup will share the responsibility now. Betsy also reported that the Committee would like to give McCathran Hall Scheduler Jenny Long a $75.00 gift certificate to The Italian Pines Restaurant as a thank you for her work. A weekday toddler music group headed by Karen Kelly and another Labyrinth Walk headed by Susan Cox were presented to the Rec. Committee.

Maple Lake

Tom Land reported that the lifeguard situation is good and that everything is going well for the new season.


Peggy Odick reported that our webmaster continues to improve the Town website.

Historic Preservation Commission

Peggy Odick reported that the HPC is still working on their procedures.


Peggy Odick reported that Barbara Hawk would like to place a new bench in Wade Park in memory of her husband Charlie Hawk. The request will go to the Memorials Committee.

Mayor’s Announcements

Shady Grove Master Plan Update – Mayor Compton reported that the Planning Staff has recommended that the development of the Roberts Oxygen property have a 4 story height limit and a 50 foot buffer with the Town. The Staff will not propose a zoning change. Other Staff recommendations include; using the Casey Property as the primary site for an elementary school and Blueberry Park as the secondary site, a density of 4,700 – 5,000 units around the Shady Grove Metro Station. John also reported that County Executive Doug Duncan’s "wish list" for the area included; more parking at the Metro Station, a MARC station at the Shady Grove Metro stop and eliminate the Washington Grove stop, elimination of the 50 foot transit right-of-way along the railroad tracks thus allowing a smaller Deer Park Bridge, intersections improvements and a timetable for staging the plan.

New Business

Paper Ballot Discussion – Perry Odick moved, Tom Land seconded, that the discussion about Paper Ballots be tabled until the next meeting. Vote: 6-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 p.m.

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