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12 November 2007 | Approved: 10 December 2007

Mayor Compton called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 8:07 p.m.
In attendance were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher, and Town residents Sylvie Favret, Keith Gillis, Meredith Horan, Chris Kirtz, Audrey Maskery, Leigh Partington, Ann Philips, Paula Puglisi, Ed Roberts, Bruce Rothrock, Mimi Styles, Sandy Styles, John Tomlin, and Judy Young.

Public Appearances

Keith Gillis came representing Neighborhood Watch. He reported that residents are very concerned about the last two (2) break-ins. In both cases, doors were kicked in. Most of the comments from residents support hiring a private security guard and/or stepping up Neighborhood Watch patrols. Keith also presented a map and a chart. A discussion about more County police presence and the cost of a security guard ensued.

Audrey Maskery expressed concern about the lighting in Town.

Chris Kirtz proposed that the Town acquire a vehicle (through donation or purchase), equip it with a Neighborhood Watch sign, and volunteers could drive it around during the day.

Paula Puglisi expressed approval of the idea and likened it to having a window decal that says you have an alarm in you house when you really don’t.

Keith Gillis reported that Neighborhood Watch just ordered 300 decals for houses and a magnetic sign for a vehicle.

Ed Roberts expressed approval of the idea but reminded that the people driving around would have no police powers.

Mayor Compton pointed out that at least half of the auto thefts were crimes of opportunity because cars were left unlocked. He warned people to keep things in perspective and encouraged people to take personal action with locking doors, locking cars, and installing alarms.

Paula Puglisi said that having a dog was an effective deterrent as well.

There was more discussion about alarm systems, cost, and setting up a breakfast with the police and fire department in order to familiarize them with the Town. This could happen in the spring of 2008.

Approval of Minutes

Darrell Anderson moved, Georgette Cole seconded that the Town Council minutes of October 8, 2007 be approved as amended. Vote: 5-0.
Darrell Anderson moved, Georgette Cole seconded that the Town Council minutes of October 29, 2007 be approved as amended. Vote: 5-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Mary Challstrom reported that the field restoration project only cost approximately $3,000.00. She also reported that the new propane tank at the maintenance shop has made a big difference in that bill as well. Charlie Challstrom moved, Marida Hines seconded that the Treasurer’s report for October 2007 be accepted. Vote: 5-0.

Maintenance Report

Jim Fletcher reported that the new water wagon had been delivered and was outside for public view. Some modifications, in terms of a pump, will need to be made in order to water more efficiently. Kathie Evans asked about the status of the pavement along Brown Street where WSSC recently did some work. It was reported that they are not yet finished and the patching is temporary.

Bi-annual Hazard Evaluation Survey – LGIT

Mary Challstrom explained the evaluation process that occurs with our insurance carrier, Local Government Insurance Trust. LGIT would like to Town to keep a “Complaint Log”. The Clerk will do this by highlighting complaints in the daily phone log. Council members who receive complaints via e-mail or phone will send the information to the Clerk and it will be entered into the computer. The usual playground equipment hazards were documented. Darrell Anderson will resurrect the playground group in order to put a plan in place to replace certain pieces. The Clerk will solicit participation by way of a Bulletin announcement.

Gypsy Moth Spraying

Georgette Cole reported that she needs Council authorization to proceed with the commitment to do our own spraying for Gypsy Moths. Town Forester Dan Landry approves of the idea. The cost will be approx. $11K +/- including the East Woods. The sense of the Council was to go ahead and start the bidding process. The bids must include the cost for aerial spraying, the use of BT (bacillus thuringensis), and spraying the East Woods as a separate item.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Piedmont Crossing – Mayor Compton reported that the Planning Board approved the site plan for this development. Toll Brothers must put up a bond of $150K for the potential loss of well water on lower Ridge Road. M-NCPPC employee Brenda Sandberg wants to walk the LOS field in order to begin work on a management plan.
  • LOS Condemnation – Mayor Compton reported that tomorrow (11/13/07) was the end of the motion period for this case. M-NCPPC has presented a motion to be included as a 3rd party in the suit.

New Business

Charlie Challstrom brought up a proposal for granting an easement on Town land to the Hanagan Auto Repair business at the corner of East Diamond Ave., and Railroad Street. The purpose of the easement is to help with use and maintenance of a piece of Town property behind Hanagan’s. They will be allowed to build a fence or a barrier.

Charlie Challstrom moved that the Town Council authorize the Mayor to sign a letter granting a 1-year easement to owners of Hanagan’s Auto Repair for the westernmost 120-foot +/- wide Town-owned strip of property that is contiguous with rear boundaries of two parcels along Railroad Street that are described in the Land Records for Montgomery County at Liber 7093 Folio 532 and Liber 4781 Folio 128; such easement for the purposes of erecting and maintaining a fence or other barrier on said Town-owned strip that will prohibit unauthorized use of said Town-owned strip and keep the Town-owned strip clear of accumulated vehicles, auto parts, and trash; cost for erecting and maintaining the fence or barrier to be the responsibility of the owners of Hanagan’s Auto Repair; such easement to be renewable on an annual basis upon explicit approval of the Town Council, and such easement will include a revocable with notice provision. Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

Charlie Challstrom moved to approve the appointment of Alternate Joe Clark to a full-member of the Planning Commission.
Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 p.m.

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