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8 November 2010 | Approved: 13 December 2010

Mayor Anderson called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Joe Clark, Sylvie Favret, Ted Kelly, Joli McCathran and Bill Robertson. Also present were Town residents Margo Bohan, Ann Phillips, Linda Winter and Judy Young.

Approval of the Agenda

Joe Clark moved, Ted Kelly seconded that the agenda be approved. Mayor Anderson added the Maryland Municipal League resolution in support of returning State aid to municipalities (including Highway User Revenues and Police protection) as #7 and the Cat Safety letter as #8. Vote: 5-0.

Public Appearances

Pastor Judy Young reminded everyone of the 100th Anniversary Service at WGUMC on November 14, 2010 at 11 AM and of the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service on November 24, 2010 at 7:00 PM.

Approval of Minutes

Bill Robertson moved, Sylvie Favret seconded that the Town Council minutes for October 11, 2010 be approved. There was one (1) minor correction. Vote: 5-0.

Bill Robertson moved, Sylvie Favret seconded that the Town Council minutes for October 25, 2010 be approved. Vote: 5-0.

Approval of Council Reports from October 2010 for Posting on the Website

This item was deferred until the meeting on November 22, 2010 in order to add Councilor Kelly’s report.

A.B. Veirs Road Work Priorities & Authorization

Mayor Anderson asked if the Council wanted to do all of the road work at one time or if they wanted to pick and choose. A discussion ensued, the result of which was to do all of the road work at the same time. Bill Robertson will call Jennifer at AB Veirs on Tuesday and tell her to proceed with all of the work.

Resolution 2010-10; Resolution Calling For The State of Maryland to Reinstate Highway User Revenues (HUR) and State Aid for Police Protection

Mayor Anderson explained the background behind this resolution. The Maryland Municipal League is asking for support from municipalities throughout the State. There was a discussion about taxes, road money and the recent loss of revenue. Joe Clark moved to introduce Resolution 2010-10. Sylvie Favret seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

Cat Safety Letter

There was a discussion about what the Council could and could not endorse. The following items were clarified:

  • The Council supports the education effort.
  • The Council cannot endorse the message.
  • The Council supports the Montgomery County Animal Control laws.
  • The letter is from a group of residents, not from the Town Council.

There was a brief discussion about a resolution supporting the safety of all animals, the changes made by the Mayor, why the Council cannot take a position on the message and what constitutes a bird sanctuary.
Margo Bohan thanked the Council for their efforts.
Ann Phillips stated that she would take what she could get, for now, but that she was hoping for more. Councilor Favret will help with this education effort.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • LOS Condemnation Update – Mayor Anderson reported that the Town is in possession of the final deed for this property, there are no legal issues and all is well. He went on to say that in the near future there will be an official meeting with M-NCPPC to discuss a maintenance plan and that the proposed bike path would go beside the Roberts Oxygen property, not through the field.
  • Deer Park Bridge – Mayor Anderson reported that Gary Hayward paid a consultant $1,500.00 to assess the feasibility of lowering the railroad tracks. He also stated that he would be meeting with CSX tomorrow (11/9/10). At this meeting he will ask about the CSX promise to pay for an engineering study and what could actually bring them to agree to lower the tracks.

New Business

Joe Clark asked if there would be a second meeting in December. He went on to say that he would not be able to attend the next meeting on November 22, 2010. Ted Kelly said that he would be out on December 13, 2010. Mayor Anderson asked the Council to go home and look at their calendars so that a decision could be made at the November 22nd meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

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