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9 October 2000 | Approved: 13 November 2000

Mayor John Compton called the meeting to order at 7:44 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Dave Gumula, Paris Pacchione, Nick Suzich, Dodie Tippens and Allen Winter. Town resident and Town Hall scheduler Jenny Long also was present.

Public Appearance

Jenny Long reported on the new hall scheduling system, reminding Councilors to call her when they wish to reserve space for Committee meetings. Jenny said that volunteer coordinators are needed to share the responsibility for opening and closing McCathran Hall for rentals and suggested that Moms Clubs be charged a nominal fee for use of the Hall.

Approval of Minutes

Allen Winter moved, Nick Suzich seconded, that the Town Council minutes of September 11, 2000 be approved. Vote: 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report

Dave Gumula moved, Paris Pacchione seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for September be accepted. Vote: 6-0. Dave Gumula moved, Nick Suzich seconded, that the Treasurer be authorized to transfer funds, if necessary, to pay bills in October. Vote: 6-0.

Mayor’s Announcements

Mayor Compton announced the following:

  • Two dead crows found in Grove are being tested by the State for West Nile Virus.
  • Improved parking lot lighting at the Commercial Corner is imminent.
  • Dave Gumula will serve as Town Council liaison to the Historic Preservation Committee.

Bid Opening

McCathran Hall Windows/Refurbishment Only one bid was received and opened, from Heritage Builders. The proposal was as follows:

Task Bid
Carpentry and Painting $12,802.00
Window Operation 1,912.00
Clean and Stain Octagon Exterior Siding 2,930.00

Though the cost of carpentry and painting alone was almost $3,000 more than the amount budgeted for the project, Nick Suzich argued that the deteriorating condition of the Hall windows detracts from the entire Hall and the work should be done. Nick Suzich moved, Paris Pacchione seconded, that the bid from Heritage Builders for items I. Carpentry and II. Painting in the amount of $12,802, be accepted contingent on agreement between the Town and Heritage Builders on what items constitute “a complete job” (e.g. all windows clean etc.) Darrell Anderson and Allen Winter will meet with Heritage Builders to discuss the project. Vote: 6-0.

Council Reports


Dodie Tippens reported that structural engineer Ed Wilcox examined the Maple Lake dock at the Lake Committee’s request and reported that the dock appears to have 2 to 4 years of life before the pilings, bolts and decking should be replaced. Jim Fletcher says that the valve and drainage pipe appear to be in good condition at present. The Committee recommends that repairs to the decking be done in the spring by Town maintenance staff, and that bids be solicited next summer for replacement of the dock only. Dock replacement plans will incorporate the recommendations of the structural engineer.

Recreation Events

Dodie Tippens announced that volunteers are needed to direct the children’s choir and to be Santa Claus for the Holiday Concert on December 16.

Planning Commission

Allen Winter reported that the Forest Conservation Plan and the subdivision plat for the WSSC property have been received. However, language on the plat was not sufficient to satisfy concerns of the Town Attorney, and an easement for water and sewer and property marker locations did not appear on the plat. In addition, a Declaration of Covenants and Public Improvement Agreement must be executed concurrently with subdivision approval. WSSC, as the property owner, has not signed these documents. The Commission is discussing ways to clearly identify to adjacent property owners, that land which is dedicated to public use for forest conservation and cannot be disturbed.

The Commission discussed Bailey-Thompson’s plans to develop the DeIuliis property on Ridge Road. A forest stand delineation and forest conservation plan will be required. The forest conservation easement will be on private land and a public improvement agreement could be required.


Darrell Anderson reported that ornamental trees have been purchased to continue Town reforestation efforts. If possible, Forestry Committee members plan to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) to perform the tree inventory once leaves have fallen. 200 daffodil bulbs will be planted at McCathran Hall and Railroad Park. Carolyn Swift has offered to work with Carol Uhlendorf on a community service project for area students to help at Railroad Park. Jim Fletcher and Britt Garoni will attend the annual Community Forestry Workshop. Candidates for Town Arborist will likely be present at this workshop.


The Montgomery County People’s Counsel will address the Council prior to the November Council meeting. State Senator P.J. Hogan will attend the December Council meeting. Roads and WalkwaysDave Gumula suggested that speed humps be considered for Maple Road and Chestnut Road. The Council agreed that specific potential sites should be selected before seeking public comment.

Recreation Facilities

Nick Suzich reported that 70 yards of woodcarpet will be delivered prior to the October 21 Playground Workday. Volunteers are needed between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. to spend a couple of hours spreading wood chips and sprucing up the playground. Nick said that in spite of some negative comments about new tennis court fencing, he believes that the Town should proceed with new fencing.

Public Safety

Paris Pacchione reported that a female Grove high school student had been unwillingly engaged in conversation by a man in a vehicle on Brown Street near Hickory Road. A description of the man and his vehicle was circulated. Vandals destroyed pathway lights around McCathran Hall. Mary Challstrom reported that there is a question about whether the Town would be permitted to contract independently for street light maintenance because the street light poles, wiring and fixtures are owned by PEPCO. Mary will continue to investigate options for improving street light maintenance.


Paris Pacchione asked if cost-saving projects could be identified to enable Britt Garoni to remain in the Town’s employ over the winter. Several potential projects were mentioned including making more visible street signs, installing playground equipment, opening up fire lanes, cleaning drainage ditches, and expanding the lake parking lot. A work session was scheduled for October 24 to outline potential maintenance tasks.

Other Business

Mayor Compton said that he originally understood that Montgomery County would supply and install signs for the new truck route through Gaithersburg which would take through trucks over ¾ ton off of Washington Grove Lane. The County will not pay for these signs, so Mayor Compton suggested that the Town offer to pay for the signs depending on the expense. The Town Council agreed.

Mary Challstrom reported that the Town has joined in the State’s procurement process to purchase electricity.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:30 p.m.

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