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13 October 2003 | Approved: 10 November 2003

Mayor Compton called the meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:37 p.m.. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, Betsy Klinger, Tom Land, Peggy Odick, David Stopak, John Tomlin and Treasurer Mary Challstrom. Also in attendance were Planning Commission Chairman John McClelland and resident Charlie Challstrom.

Public Appearances

John McClelland wrote 2 letters to the Mayor and Council and presented them both. The first letter (written 10/8/03) was from John McClelland, the Chairman of the Planning Commission and requested that the Town Council take strong and immediate action to enforce the Town Ordinances and bring an end to the problem on Cherry Avenue with regards to Scott Nagem’s (104 Maple Road) wood business. The letter also brought to their attention a possible violation of the home occupation ordinance at 413 Washington Grove Lane where the psychology practice of the owner, Daniel York, may be relocating. A lengthy discussion on both of these topics ensued the results of which were that Jim Fletcher would be told to build the fence on Cherry Avenue immediately and Town Attorney Bill Roberts would be asked to write Daniel York a letter concerning the possible violation. The second letter (10/12/03) was written by resident John McClelland and addressed the issue of vigilante-style pruning of privately-owned bushes that over-hang public property. Another discussion ensued resulting in the commitment by the Mayor to write a letter to the offender which would thank her for her efforts but ask her to take more care when pruning.

Approval of Minutes

Peggy Odick moved, John Tomlin seconded that the Town Council minutes of 8 September 2003 be approved as corrected. Vote: 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report

John Tomlin moved, Peggy Odick seconded, that the Treasurer’s report be accepted. Vote: 6-0.

Council Reports


Peggy Odick reported that she would be attending the meeting on October 21, 2003.


Peggy Odick reported that Bill Saar indicated that web activity had slowed down a bit.


David Stopak reported that Tom Land, Craig English, Jim Fletcher and Bruce Rothrock were “heroic” in their efforts to help after Hurricane Isabel and requested recognition in the next Bulletin. He also reported that the crosswalks had been painted at Grove Rd. and Oak St. and at Maple Rd. and Oak St. The Mayor remarked that they did not seem to be reflective and that he found them difficult to see. A discussion ensued about placing crosswalk warning signs on the side of the road. The consensus of the Town Council was to give some time to the new crosswalks in order to determine if signs are necessary. David also reported that one chain saw and the Toro tractor were in the shop for repairs. Peggy Odick requested that accumulating trash outside the Maintenance Shop be emptied on a more regular basis.


Now that we have received a firm commitment for Program Open Space funds, David Stopak will call and get a new quote on the playground equipment. David reported that a meeting about the tennis fence occurred and resulted in the decision to fix the old fence rather than replace it. At the fence meeting, Linda Baim suggested that the Town invest in some line tape and a new brush for the clay courts in order to make them more user-friendly. The Council agreed that those ideas seem to be a better way of spending Town funds. David also reported that the tennis shed needed to be power washed and re-stained.


John Tomlin reported that the GROWPeace group was bringing in Congressman Chris Van Hollen for a community forum on October 27th.

Roads & Walkways

John Tomlin reported that he and John Compton met with developer Bob Ellis and came to an agreement about the repairs on Ridge Road at the site of the 4 new homes (old WSSC property). Mayor Compton will write a letter of agreement between the Town and Bailey-Thompson, L.L.C. (the developer). John Tomlin voiced the opinion that the Town should go out to bid on our road project. The Clerk agreed to work on bid packages.

Planning Commission

Darrell Anderson reported that at their meeting on October 7, 2003 the Planning Commission discussed the Action Hauling storage shed at Railroad Park, and an appropriate fee. The going rate is $8.00 per square foot per year and the Commission recommends that the Town Council charge a fair market rate to Mr. Herbert. Mayor Compton will work on a letter of agreement.

Darrell also reported that the Planning Commission strongly recommends that the Town Council resolve the issue of access via Cherry Avenue to the Nagem property (104 Maple Road) by erecting the fence. A discussion ensued. Mayor Compton will instruct Jim Fletcher to by the materials and build the fence ASAP.

Darrell Anderson reported that John McClelland is handling the forest conservation plan and sediment control for the property at 348 Ridge Road.


There was no meeting of the Forestry and Beautification Committee this month however, Darrell Anderson reported that more than 150 tree inventory forms were submitted to the Town Forester for updating the inventory database. Darrell also reported that the new owner of 413 Washington Grove Lane cut down some small trees/shrubs several of which belonged to the Town and at least one belonging to a neighbor. A discussion ensued. Mayor Compton will write a letter to Daniel York (413 Washington Grove Lane).

Recreation Committee

Betsy Klinger reported that she would attend the next Recreation Committee meeting on November 5, 2003.

Public Safety

Betsy Klinger reported that Chris Kirtz has found a place to purchase Neighborhood Watch signs. The Mayor and Council made the decision about quantity and placement of the new signs. Betsy Klinger reported that several children in Town have built a BMX bike track in McCathran Park on Maple Road. The safety issue is that the riders pop out of the woods directly into the roadway. After much discussion, the Mayor and Council decided that this track should be rebuilt in a place where riders wouldn’t present a hazard to themselves and/or motorists. Betsy will inform the bike riders.

McCathran Hall

The painting work is complete. The next project will be the storm windows on the lower Hall. Ed Mroczka wrote a contract for building and installing six custom storms at a cost of $1,115.00. The Mayor and Council would like Mr. Mroczka’s contract to include a start date and an approximate delivery date. Betsy also reported that some gutter work should be done on the Hall to prevent wood rot around a door.


Tom Land reported that although Waste Management service seems to have improved, there are still some problems. Discussion. Tom will write a letter to the company. Maple Lake – Tom Land reported that Dodie Tippens is officially resigning from her post as Chairperson of the Lake Committee. We will need to look for someone else to take over her duties. Tom also reported that the pumping permit is in the works. Betsy Klinger asked if the hole in the fence could be fixed. There was some discussion about fixing the hole vs. planting thorny bushes.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Casey Field Update: Mayor Compton reported that there was nothing new. There was no date for presentation to the Planning Board yet. A current plan is not yet available. Mayor Compton reported that the Shady Grove Alliance report only showed an historical connection between this property and the Town. It did not show a justification for no development at all. John will send the report to Jerry Trescott for his review and opinion.
  • Shady Grove Master Plan: Mayor Compton announced that the Shady Grove Master Plan is here and ready for presentation. It is a considerable change in land use. Discussion. Mayor Compton will call County Planner Karen Kumm and ask for a presentation to the Town.
  • Cherry Avenue Update: This update was covered in the Planning Commission section.

Ordinance Revisions

Hurricane Isabel has delayed the Town Attorney’s response to our request for his opinion about the Town Ordinance revisions.

Discussion: Placement of 15 mph Speed Limit Signs

The Mayor and Council discussed and decided on both quantity and placement of the new speed limit signs. The Clerk will order the signs.

Sale of Town Truck

The Mayor and Council would like to sell the old white truck. An item will be put in the Bulletin that explains the condition and asks for bids. The deadline will be November 7, 2003.

New Business

John Tomlin reported that the end of the new pipe stem driveway on Ridge Road seems to have become a trash repository. Perhaps a letter explaining Town trash pickup is in order. John Tomlin also reported that the driveway to the old Hinkel property (across from 354 Ridge Rd.) is a gateway to the field for automobiles and would like to see it blocked. A discussion about types of barriers ensued. The decision was made to have Jim and Bruce take some large tree rounds to the area.

David Stopak moved, Darrell Anderson, seconded the motion to adjourn.
Vote: 6-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:43 p.m.

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