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11 October 2004 | Approved: 8 November 2004

As required by the Charter when the Mayor and the Mayor Pro-Tem are not in attendance, a vote was taken to determine who would run the October meeting of the Town Council. David Stopak was elected and the meeting was called to order at 8:28 p.m.. In attendance were Councilors Linda Baim, Betsy Klinger, David Stopak, John Tomlin, and Treasurer Mary Challstrom. Town residents Karen & Chris Pacchione, Terry & Chris Kirtz, Charlie Challstrom, David Neumann, Alan Janus, Georgette Cole, and Satoshi Amagai were also present, as was Planning Commission Chairman John McClelland.

Public Appearances

Chris and Karen Pacchione came to discuss the situation with Barron Wilson, a mentally ill man that has been walking through Town preaching to people. Chris reported that Mr. Wilson had been seen going into the Hansen’s porch and that the Montgomery County Police were called. Alan Janus also gave an accounting of a run-in several days later with Mr. Wilson as well. The Police were called again. A lengthy discussion ensued. Residents expressed their numerous concerns and asked that the Town officials get further involved and follow up with the Police.

Approval of Minutes

John Tomlin moved, Linda Baim seconded, that the Town Council minutes of September 13, 2004 be approved. Vote: 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report

John Tomlin moved, Betsy Klinger seconded, that the Treasurer’s report for September be accepted. Vote: 4-0.

Council Reports

Historic Preservation Commission

David Stopak reported that the HPC reviewed permit applications for both 103 Brown Street (Higdon/Kershaw) and 350 Ridge Road (Cakmak).


David raised the question of having Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher attend the monthly Council meetings to discuss maintenance items directly with the Mayor and Council. Maintenance is an integral part of what happens in Town and direct contact with Jim is important. David also reported that the vines and over-growth have become a huge problem along Ridge Road. A discussion about calling Verizon vs. PEPCO ensued. For right now, David will ask Jim and Bruce to trim at car level as a stop gap measure. A more permanent remedy will be researched.

Roads & Walkways

John Tomlin reported that the 4-way stop signs were installed at Ridge Road and Brown Street. John also mentioned the installation of some posts at "Big Bend" on Ridge Road. John believes that these posts will keep vehicles from running off the road. John also reported that he would like to solicit public comment about road repairs and asked the Clerk to put an item in the next Bulletin.

Planning Commission

John McClelland gave the report for Darrell Anderson. The Planning Commission has changed their regular monthly meeting from the first Tuesday of the month to the first Wednesday of the month. John reported that additional information was required before approval would be issued for the 103 Brown Street or the 350 Ridge Road renovations. They also looked at proposed plans for a 2-story addition at 407 Acorn Lane. John also reported that the Commission discussed the proposed new homes plan for the Cator Property. The Commission concluded that if the Town were to annex this property it should be zoned RR-4 and we should follow the Montgomery County noise abatement guidelines along with their railroad track set-back requirements. The Planning Commission is also working on a way to address the issue of regular parking on Town property. They are also discussing the problem of non-compliant structures and taking an inventory of these homes. Permit applications for approved for fences at 100 McCauley Street and 418 5th Avenue.


See the Public Appearances section. Recreation – Betsy Klinger reported that the Recreation Committee met on September 29th. The next meeting will be November 17th. To date, there are no plans for a children’s holiday concert. Betsy asked the Clerk to put something in the Bulletin to solicit volunteers to help.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Shady Grove Master Plan – Mayor Compton has signed up to speak on behalf of the Town at a meeting before the County Council on November 4, 2004.
  • Re-forestation along Ridge Road – It was reported that the landscaper, provided by developer Bob Ellis, has our list of trees and shrubs that will complete the re-forestation around the old WSSC property (a.k.a. Washington Grove Park). They will be planted in the next few weeks. Jim Fletcher will supervise the planting.
  • Casey Field Update – Plans for the Oxbridge development will probably be reviewed by Park and Planning at either the December 2nd or the December 9th meeting. Park and Planning has requested some further adjustments to the development plan, including the dedication of the Legacy Open Space field and the elementary school site in Phase I of the project. Both are currently scheduled for dedication in Phase II. Park and Planning has also requested a re-forestation plan for the area.

John Tomlin moved, Betsy Klinger seconded that the meeting be adjourned. Vote: 4-0.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:42 p.m.

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