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26 October 2009 | Approved: 9 November 2009

Mayor Anderson called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:32 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Charlie Challstrom, Georgette Cole, Sylvie Favret, and Marida Hines. Councilor Clark arrived after the approval of the agenda. Also in attendance were Maintenance Supervisor Jim Fletcher, Treasurer Mary Challstrom and Town residents Emily Cavey, Rob Gilmore, Sophia Gilmore, Bella Gilmore, Julian Gilmore, Eli Gilmore, Ed Roberts and Judy Young.

Approval of the Agenda

Georgette Cole moved, Charlie Challstrom seconded that the agenda be approved. Mayor Anderson added the National Piano Guild Auditions as #5. Vote: 4-0.

Public Appearances

Emily Cavey and Rob Gilmore (with their four children) came to discuss the recent problems that occurred when they rented the Town Hall for a wedding reception. They reported that they were harassed and treated very badly by the resident at 215 Grove Ave. Because they understand that this was not an isolated incident, they asked that the Mayor and Council take action in the form of adopting a Town Hall Use Bill of Rights for the users and the residents who live nearby. A lengthy discussion, which included possible legal remedies, ensued. Mayor Anderson will consult the Town attorney. The Mayor and Council agreed that a refund of their rental fee was in order.

Maintenance Report

Jim Fletcher reported that although the compressor noise from the sprinkler system has lessened, the problem with leaks continues. So far, we have spent $2,478.50 in trying to fix the problems. There was a discussion about locating the leaks, possible “cures”, relocating the compressor, a dedicated electrical line and the cost. Jim Fletcher and Charlie Challstrom will continue to work on this issue.

Council Reports

  • Town Council Reports – October 2009 pdf
  • Marida Hines asked for clarification about Ted Kelly’s reference to the use of Program Open Space Funds. Darrell clarified, in Ted’s absence. Charlie mentioned that the Maryland Municipal League is still keeping tabs on our LOS condemnation suit.

National Piano Guild Auditions

Charlotte Holiday, a member of the National Piano Guild, presented a request (via e-mail) to use McCathran Hall as a location for the annual Piano Guild auditions in May 2010. The use would be for 14 – 16 days. In the Grove tradition of supporting the arts and education, the sense of the Council was to approve this use. The Town Clerk will check the calendar and continue to work on this with Ms. Holiday and the Mayor.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Casey 6 & 7 Update: Mayor Anderson obtained copies of the amended drawings for these properties and shared them with the Council. He stated that the Town should stand strong concerning the request for no compressed natural gas refilling stations on the Casey 6 property. The Casey 7 plans did not show significant changes. The most positive change will be that the Roberts Oxygen entrance near the railroad crossing will close and all traffic will have to use the new entrance on the extension of Crabbs Branch Way.
  • LOS Update: Mayor Anderson reported that the plats for Phase I had been filed. The language on the plat states that M-NCPPC will have ownership with the fee to the LOS as soon as the plat is approved. This is contrary to the original preliminary plan. This item will be on the agenda of the November 5th M-NCPPC meeting.
  • Deer Park Bridge: The City of Gaithersburg is still attempting to set up a meeting with all parties involved. Nothing new.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 p.m.

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