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14 September 2009 | Approved: 12 October 2009

Mayor Anderson called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:38 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Charlie Challstrom, Georgette Cole, Marida Hines and Ted Kelly. Councilor Favret arrived at 8:00 p.m. Also present were Treasurer Mary Challstrom and Town residents Ann Briggs, Terri Johnson and Ed Roberts.

Approval of the Agenda

Georgette Cole moved, Charlie Challstrom seconded that the Agenda for September 14, 2009 be approved. Vote: 4-0.

Public Appearances

Terri Johnson (204 Ridge Road) came to discuss the speed humps on Ridge Road. The paving work that was done a few years ago has lessened their effectiveness in slowing down drivers. People are driving way too fast on Ridge Road and she asked if the speed humps could be fixed. A discussion ensued. Charlie Challstrom will research this and come back to the Council with some options.

Approval of Minutes

Charlie Challstrom moved, Georgette Cole seconded that the Town Council minutes for August 10, 2009 be approved. Vote: 4-0.
Georgette Cole moved, Marida Hines seconded that the Town Council minutes for August 24, 2009 be approved. Vote: 4-0.

Approval of August 2009 Council Reports for Posting on the Website

Georgette Cole moved, Charlie Challstrom seconded that the reports from the Town Council for August 24, 2009 be approved for posting on the Town website with the addition of a report from Ted Kelly. Vote: 4-0.

Treasurer’s Report

There was a brief discussion about the invoices for eradication of invasive species in the Town woods. Charlie Challstrom moved, Georgette Cole seconded that the Treasurer’s report for August 2009 be accepted. Vote: 4-0.
Georgette Cole moved, Marida Hines seconded the motion to transfer funds in order to pay bills.
Vote: 4-0.

Adoption of Progressive Discipline Policy, Unlawful Harassment Policy & Debt Management Policy

Charlie Challstrom moved to adopt the Progressive Discipline Policy as presented at this meeting. Georgette Cole seconded the motion. Ed Roberts stated that there was no provision concerning protection from others who don’t work here, that a set of guidelines was necessary, that 3 working days to investigate is too difficult and that a pattern of conduct is hard to define. There were no more comments. Vote: 5-0.
Charlie Challstrom moved to adopt the Unlawful Harassment Policy. Marida Hines seconded the motion. Vote: 5-0.

Georgette Cole moved to adopt the Debt Management Policy. Charlie Challstrom seconded the motion. There was a discussion about debt limits, property tax, derivatives and a resolution. Mayor Anderson commented that this was a conservative policy. Vote: 5-0.

Impacts of State Budget Cuts on the Town – Discussion

Mayor Anderson stated that the Town’s State road funds have been cut by 90%. This can be expected for the next couple of years as well. There was a discussion about the status of the Town Program Open Space money, the ICC and Town road work. It was decided to go forward with crack sealing on Town roads. Jim Fletcher and Charlie will work on this. They will also mark corners where there is a substantial drop in the pavement. It was decided to hold off on the Treasurer’s list of possible budget transfers until a later date.

Reforestation Plan – Discussion

Georgette Cole presented handouts and explained the reforestation plan. There was a lengthy discussion about the installation process and the three estimates. Charlie Challstrom moved to endorse the proposal from Long Fence. Ted Kelly seconded the motion. Georgette Cole will talk to Long Fence about the gates and removable posts. Vote: 5-0.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Update on County Council Visits – Mayor Anderson reported that he had met with 7 of the 9 County Council members. He would like to meet with all 9 and then go to the County Executive.
  • Casey 6 & 7 – Bob Booher will meet with Karen Kumm from M-NCPPC to discuss the bike connection. A Town committee may need to be formed for this issue.
  • Deer Park Bridge – Mayor Anderson announced that CSX knew nothing about the recent renovation of the bridge. They have received stimulus money and want to raise the bridge to facilitate the use of double-decker trains. He, Ann Briggs and Nancy Helme will meet with CSX tomorrow and discuss lowering the tracks.
  • LOS Update – Mayor Anderson announced that there will be an Executive Session on September 28, 2009 at 8:45 p.m. Plat approval is coming and so is the dedication of the LOS field.

New Business

There was no new business.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 p.m.

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