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March 2021 | Approved: 20 April 2021

Members Present: Bob Booher, Gail Littlefield, Mimi Styles, Jeff McCrehan, Wendy Harris, Pat Petula (for the Town Archives report), and Misook Uh (for the project review). Jeff McCrehan took minutes.

Approval of Agenda and Adoption of Minutes

The proposed agenda was revised by deferring topics 3.3.2, 3.5.1, 3.7, and 3.9. The agenda was unanimously adopted. The January and February minutes were also unanimously approved.

Project Review

The Greenways driveway at 401 4th Avenue. Application for a PW and Property permit was submitted for a 5×17 car space along with an electric charge point. Mimi will write HPC’s review.

Old Business

3.1 Archives
Town Archivist Pat Petula’s report will be forwarded to the Mayor.

3.2. Bike Path
Discussion of proposed letter from HPC to the Town Council regarding the Town Council’s resolution to move forward with a recommendation for the bike path. Bob agreed to write the cover letter and David agreed to draw up a resolution including recommending a town review of decision criteria, requesting a final decision not be submitted to the County, and inviting other committees and commissions to weigh in regarding the bike path and its various alternatives. Motion was made on the above and seconded, vote was unanimous, with Wendy and David recusing themselves from the vote.

3.3 Historic Landscape Resources:

3.3.1 List and map of resources
Jeff submitted a revised draft of an historic landscape resources map to the committee. Further edits were suggested, and Jeff said he would ask Johanna McCrehan to continue her work on same. Bob will send the edits and a zoning map developed by Charlie Challstrom. The parks that are listed in the NR nomination (p. 49) will also be included. Whether viewsheds should also be included was discussed.

3.4 National Register Status:
3.4.2 Publishing in other media – Jeff noted he had contacted the real estate editor at the Washington Post, but had not to date received a reply.

3.4.3 Website – Wendy noted the website needs a couple more tweaks and noted that Medusa now has added the new NR nomination and is searchable.

3.4.5 Joint Meeting and Conservation Districts — Gail noted she had sent out information on the Brunswick conservation district, and an explanation of the difference between a conservation and an historic district. Members agreed to read the material. Discussion of whether Fred Stratchura, the planning supervisor for the Maryland Association of Historic District Commissions should return to speak to the HPC and/or the Planning Commission. David will ask him about when he may be able to discuss and how he might approach issues of demolition, zoning, and various Town ordinances. Gail noted he is available for paid consultation.

3.5 Committee reports
3.5.1 Lighting Committee – Bob reported that the efforts to keep our streetlights just as they are now and have a good argument to keep them as they are. Bob noted there is a new representative from Pepco to the Town, and lighting committee will be meeting with him.

3.5.2 Border Committee – Bob reported that the Border Committee is moving forward with new entrance signs. Craig English is designing. There will be three of them, similar in look and feel of the existing wooden signs but located on Washington Grove Lane and Railroad Street. The committee is also talking about identity fencing that would indicate to a driver that they are in a town. The committee is going to install some sections of split-rail fencing and is discussing designating pedestrian entrances to the Town that are not yet designated.

3.6 Shady Grove Sector Testimony
Gail sent out testimony on her behalf. Sector staff were recommending that the MARC Cornerstone plan be accommodated with easements. Various historic features would be impacted if a third rail would be implemented. Gail noted the possibility that MARC could put in a station at Shady Grove, which could threaten the station at WG. Gail is continuing her work on this.

Mimi reported that Pat is set for her piece in the April edition, and the insertion Mimi had planned for March did not run but is set to be published in May.

New Business

No new business: Bob noted the Town Council report that Darrell sent via email – including removing the restrictive covenants, and the vote on the bike path.


The meeting was adjourned at roughly 9:30 pm. The next meeting will be Tuesday, April 20 at 7:30pm via Zoom.

Jeff McCrehan

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