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12 December 2011 | Approved: 9 January 2012

Mayor Cole called the regular meeting of the Town Council to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Joe Clark, Sylvie Favret, Audrey Maskery, Joli McCathran, Alice Negin and Bill Robertson. Also present were residents Ann Briggs, Birgit Henninger, Don Henninger, Meredith Horan and Kristin Perry.

Approval of Agenda

Bill Robertson moved, Joe Clark seconded that the agenda be approved. Mayor Cole asked to remove the Audit Report from the agenda and add Resolution 2011-08; Resolution of Appreciation for Officer Diane Tillery in its place. Vote: 6-0.

Public Appearances

There were no public appearances.

Approval of Minutes

Alice Negin moved, Bill Robertson seconded that the Town Council minutes for November 14, 2011 be approved. There were two (2) small corrections. Vote: 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Sylvie Favret moved, Audrey Maskery seconded that the Treasurer’s Report for November 2011 be accepted. There was a brief discussion about the cost of the streetlight conversion. Vote: 6-0.
  • Treasurers Report 2011-12 pdf

Resolution No. 2011-08; Resolution of Appreciation for Officer Diane Tillery

Joe Clark moved to introduce Resolution No. 2011-08. Audrey Maskery seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0.

Joe Clark moved to adopt Resolution No. 2011-08. Alice Negin seconded the motion.
Vote: 6-0.

Changes to Woodward Park Use Policy – Discussion

Mayor Cole reviewed the proposed changes presented by the Committee. She went on to explain that no changes would be voted on at the meeting. She also stated that after this discussion, the information will be put in the next Town Bulletin and will be accompanied by a request for Town feedback. She then asked for Council reaction to the document presented by the Committee. The discussion centered on the following:

  • Making changes to the Resolution vs. the Ordinance
  • Raising the fees
  • Clarity concerning the number of cars that can safely park there
  • Removing the goal posts
  • Program Open Space requirements
  • Whether or not to issue permits to adult, male, soccer league play
  • Enforcement
  • Town sponsors
  • Woodward Park Coordinator
  • Other activities in Woodward Park
  • Resident vs. Non-resident use
  • Permitted times and number of days

Alice Negin suggested that the changes discussed be implemented before eliminating adult male soccer playing and see how things work. Mayor Cole will write a summary of this discussion and the proposed changes for inclusion in the January 2012 Town Bulletin.

Council Reports

  • Joe Clark moved to approve the November Council Reports for posting on the Town website. Sylvie Favret seconded the motion. A few small changes were made. There was a discussion about Memorials. Vote: 6-0.
  • Town Council Reports – December 2012 pdf

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Deer Park Bridge Update – Mayor Cole reported that she, Senator Nancy King and members of the Bridge Advisory Committee met with representatives from CSX this morning. CSX would like to know how the idea of raising the bridge could be made more palatable to Town residents. The Town will respond by February 1, 2012. CSX will then respond to our response by April 1, 2012. There was a brief discussion about the lack of pressure for a Memo of Understanding and when a future Town Meeting might be needed.

New Business

  • The Mayor presented a change to the Treasurer’s Report from the October minutes and asked for approval by the Council. They unanimously approved the change.
  • Joe Clark requested that a copy of Resolution No. 2011-08 be sent to Officer Tillery’s boss. The Council liked the idea; this will be done.
  • Alice Negin reported that the Myles Ambrose Eagle Scout project will be monitored by Ann Briggs, John Hutchinson and Bruce Rothrock. Nick Suzich will sponsor Myles as well as help monitor the project.
  • Mayor Cole announced that in January 2012 Joe Clark will take on the Intergovernmental area of the Council responsibilities and Bill Robertson will take on Maintenance.
  • There was a very brief mention of winter jobs for the Maintenance Supervisor.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:32 p.m.

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