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Town Council News

Next meeting: Monday, Oct. 11, 2004; 7:30 p.m., in the Council Room.
The following action was taken at the September meeting of the Town Council;

Voted to make the intersection at Brown Street and Ridge Road a 4-way stop.

Casey Field

Because the Planning Board did not receive a copy of the revised Oxbridge Development plan in enough time to make comments, the plan was removed from the agenda. The Oxbridge plan will likely be reviewed in October.

Planning Commission News

Next meeting: Oct. 6, 2004; 7:30 p.m. Council Room.
The public is invited to attend. Please note the change to Wednesday.

Building Permits:

If you are going to erect a building or structure (including fences), make structural alterations to, or move any existing building or other structure, you must first obtain a building permit from the Washington Grove Planning Commission. The Town zoning ordinance governs setbacks, lot coverage and height. Applications are available at the Town Office at 301-926-2256. The permit fee is $10.00, payable to the Town of Washington Grove. Interior renovations, which involve electrical, plumbing, or load-bearing changes, generally require a County permit. A shed requires a County permit as well. The Town must first sign off all applications for County-required building permits. The Historic Preservation Commission will review most permits as well.

Historic Preservation News

Next meeting: Oct. 19, 2004, 7:30 p.m. Council Room.
Meetings are open to the public.

Recreation Committee News

Next meeting: Sept 29, 2004, 7:30 p.m. Council Room.
The public is invited to attend.

Many Thanks to Labor Day Laborers!

The Recreation Committee would like to extend a BIG note of thanks to Craig English and all the many volunteers who worked so hard to make our Labor Day festivities a success yet another year! We are very lucky to have such dedicated volunteers to keep this long, treasured tradition alive. You are ALL appreciated!

Washington Grove Singers

September 21st, 7:30 p.m. in McCathran Hall.
Come one, come all, no audition required. Rehearsals are Tuesday nights and the Grove concert is December 11th. This year the group will also perform at Asbury on December 10th. For more information call Kathy Lehman at 301-926-1253.

Woman’s Club News

Next meeting: Sept. 30; 6:30 p.m.; Clubhouse.
This meeting is a pot luck supper and the speaker is Craig Wilson from USA Today.

Woman’s Club. Raising the Roof!

The October 2nd auction is just around the corner. Be creative with your donations. How about a themed basket? Kids are encouraged to get involved.we need some volunteer muscle! Preview hours are from 2 – 4PM and again from 7 – 7:30PM on the day of the auction. For more information about donations and/or volunteer muscle please call Leila Keese, 301-926-4318.

Neighborhood Watch News

Report Crimes & Suspicious Activity!
Mont. Co. Police non-emergency: 301-279-8000
Town Office: 301-926-2256
Betsy Klinger: 301-977-3517

Just a reminder to keep the name & number of your Neighborhood Watch block captain near your phone. If you don’t know who your captain is, call Betsy Klinger (301-977-3517) to find out. If you witness a crime, or suspect that you might have, please report it to your block captain after reporting it to the police, even if the matter is already resolved. We are trying to keep an accurate record of crime activity in Town.

Incident Report:
9/4: Prowler peering into windows of a house on Ridge Road. Reported to the police.

Maple Lake News

Lake Committee meeting, Thursday, Sept. 23rd 7:30PM in the Council Room.
We’re getting together to organize for next year’s lake season while this year is fresh in our minds. Invite your fellow lake users. Refreshments will be provided.

Let’s Talk Trash!

Contract administrator Tom Land wants to bundle all messages about missed trash, recycling, and yard waste into one communication with Waste Management on Thursday mornings. The hope is that this would enable WM to return to Town Thursday and complete everything on the same day. So.if WM misses you, please call Tom Land (301-869-4334) by 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday or send Tom an email ([email protected]) by 9:00 a.m. on Thursday morning. Also, fluorescent green “YARD TRIM” stickers are available at the Town Office or at Tom’s home. Some of the old stickers have become virtually invisible. It’s time for a new one!! Oh yes, one more thing. Please do not co-mingle loose paper in your recycle bin. Read the enclosed recycling tips and help get it right!

Ordinances Are Here!

Copies of the Code of Ordinances for the Town of Washington Grove are available in the Town Office. You may pick up a copy during regular office hours. You may also view our Code of Ordinances on our website. Have you looked at it lately?

When You Vote, Will It Count?

The film “Invisible Ballots”, an in-depth expose of all-electronic computerized voting, will be aired as part of an educational forum entitled “When You Vote, Will It Count?,” on Sunday, September 26, from 7-8:30 p.m. at McCathran Hall. The film, which highlights the vulnerability of the voting machines scheduled for use in Maryland on Nov.2, will be introduced by representatives of TrueVoteMD, a non-partisan group dedicated to preserving the integrity of the election and advocating a voter-verified paper audit trail. The film will be followed by a discussion and question & answer period. The forum is the fourth in a series of educational forums sponsored by Grovers Reaching Out for World Peace (G.R.O.W. Peace). For more information, call Kathie Evans 301-869-7816 or Darrell Anderson 301-963-8555(h) or 301-670-4990 (w).

Art Show in McCathran Hall

The Recreation Committee is sponsoring a Town event: An Exhibit of Celebrated Grove Artists, on Saturday, Nov. 20th from 2 – 5:00 p.m. in the Town Hall. All residents are invited to come talk with the artists, see what lovely work they do, and let it expand their horizons. This is a chance to become acquainted with artists and craftspeople who live in Washington Grove, and get a glimpse of their work. Mark your calendars and don’t miss this event!!

A Message from Phyllis at the PO

I will be retiring from the Postal Service in October, with the 29th as my last day. It has been a joy serving you for nearly 20 years. You have become an integral part of my life and I will always treasure the memories. In the near future my husband and I will relocate to northeastern Ohio to be near our children and grandchildren. God bless you all!! Phyllis Strite

Clerk’s Corner

When you obey our speed limit, it’s a lot easier to stop when a child or a pet or even a squirrel runs into the road. Drive 15, enjoy the scene :.

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