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Regular Meeting of the Town Council

Monday, February 08, 2021 | 7:30 p.m. | McCathran Hall Council Room

Join via Internet: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/297850640?pwd=czh3ODBEdEpTeXdkRTc5bDFmLzN2UT09
Dial-in: 301-715-8592 , Meeting ID 297 850 640 , Password 074385
  1. Call to Order ~7:30 pm
  2. Approval of the Agenda // 3 min
  3. Public Appearances – Please note the time allowed to speak will be limited to five minutes??? min
  4. Approval of Minutes – 11 January 2021 // 5 min
  5. Treasurer’s Report // 5 min
  6. Mayor’s pledge on behalf of Washington Grove to work towards 100% clean, renewable energy use // 10 min Discussion and adoption.
  7. Mayors Announcements // 15 min
    1. Washington Grove Bikeways Connector Study status: Public meeting Wednesday February 17th.
    2. WSSC sewer project status: Ridge Road paving, Grove Avenue restoration.
    3. Montgomery County draft Climate Action Plan.
    4. Community solar project proposal statu.
    5. West Woods: evidence of open fire raise safety concerns.
    6. Stormwater drainage under Railroad Street – MCDOT re-contacted.
    7. Salt Barn status.
  8. Resolution 2021-02 Establishing Procedures for Issuing Permits for Archeological, Cultural Artifact or Fossil Investigation on Town Land – Introduction and discussion. // 20 min
  9. Ordinance 2021-01 Amending the Washington Grove Zoning Ordinance to Terminate Certain Restrictive Covenants and to Authorize Related Legal Instruments Suitable for Recordation in the Land Records of Montgomery County – Discussion and Public Hearing date // 15 min
  10. Road paving plan for Spring 2021 –Updated estimate for Chestnut (Oak Street to Brown Street), for McCauley Street at Washington Grove Lane, and discussion of stormwater drainage pipes under Chestnut Road and Center Street. // 15 min
  11. Stormwater management issues // 10 min Stormwater run-off and collection in the vicinity of Chestnut Road, Oak Street, Chestnut Avenue and Center Street.
    Morgan Park and stormwarter drainage under Railroad Street.
    Flooding in the West Woods.
  12. Town Council Reports // 10 min
    Summary of the 2020-21 bow hunt deer management session.
    East Woods trail maintenance Refuse and Recycling RFP
  13. Old Business ???
  14. New Business ???
  15. Adjournment ~9:45 pm

*The TC agenda is subject to change any time before or during the Council meeting. Please contact the Town Clerk at (301) 926-2256 to obtain current information.

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