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McCathran Hall Rental Rules

Town residents may rent McCathran Hall. Non-residents may also rent the Hall, but must have a sponsor who is a resident. To reserve the Hall, contact the Town Clerk at 301-926-2256 or [email protected].

1. Rental Fee. The full rental fee and security deposit must be paid in advance of the event. View the Fee Schedule (PDF). Note that for those who rent by the hour, the first two hours of use count as one hour.

2. Cancellation of Reservation. There is no penalty for cancellation if cancellation occurs 15 days or more days prior to the reserved date. If the reservation is canceled less than 15 days prior to the event, the rental fee in effect for that reservation shall be forfeited.

3. Rental by Non-Profit Groups. Non-profit groups such as charities and educational, religious, federal and local government organizations must present a State or Federal Sales Tax Exemption Certificate in order for their rental to be tax-exempt. The Town Council will entertain proposals from groups willing to perform public service work for the Town in exchange for a waiver of fees.

4. Security Deposit. An additional security deposit of $300 also is required, payable in advance by a separate check. This deposit will be retained as liquidated damages for any violation of these regulations, and/or any damage to McCathran Hall, its furnishings or fixtures, or the surrounding area. Liquidated damages are not limited to $300.

5. Mayor’s Discretion. The mayor may in specific instances grant waivers of user fees. In the case of a memorial service for a Town resident or former resident, the only charge will be a $50 utility fee. Exceptions to the rental schedule and cancellation policy shall be determined by the Mayor and Town Council.

6. Occupancy Limits. Occupancy of the octagon is limited to 150 persons seated in rows, or 100 persons seated at tables. Exceptions to this occupancy limit may be granted by the mayor only to the limits established by Ordinance No. 95-11.

7. Sponsorship of Events by Town Residents. Responsible supervision by adult resident(s) of the Town is required at all times; the Town resident making the reservation will be fully responsible for the conduct and actions of all guests, and for conformance with these regulations, as well as any and all damages sustained to McCathran Hall, its grounds, and adjoining premises. The Town resident sponsor is required to be present during and at the end of the rental event. Failure to abide by this requirement will cause a loss of deposit.

8. Events for Children or Teens. All activities held primarily for children and/or teens (i.e., persons under 18 years of age) must be attended by adult sponsors; at least one adult sponsor for each 10 teens, preteens, and children must be assured. The full names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the adult sponsors must be listed on a separate sheet and attached to the Application for Private Use (PDF) or the Application for Use by a Washington Grove Group or Organization (PDF), as applicable. Failure of any listed adult sponsors to appear for the scheduled activity will result in automatic revocation of permission to use McCathran Hall and a loss of deposit.

9. Permitted Hours for Events. Rentals of McCathran Hall will be limited to one day and one night per weekend. Rental of McCathran Hall and the surrounding area is not to extend beyond 9:30 p.m., Sundays through Thursdays; and 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Cleanup, however, may be performed until 10:00 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays; and until 11:30 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Preparation for rentals or clean up from the night before may not start before 8:30 a.m.

10. Music and Noise. Loud music and amplified sounds must stop at 10:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and at 9:00 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays. All noise associated with the rental and/or use of McCathran Hall, both inside and out, shall be kept to a reasonable level (maximum decibel level consistent with Montgomery County Code Chapter 31B, Noise Control (PDF)), to avoid disturbing neighboring residents. The use of bass-driven woofer and sub-woofer speakers or bass amplifiers is not permitted.

11. Alcohol. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited unless the mayor executes a valid alcohol permit.

12. Smoking. Smoking of any kind is prohibited within McCathran Hall and within 50 feet of any entrance.

13. Parking. Users are required to abide by parking and speed restrictions as stated on posted signs.

14. Use of Facilities Other Than the Octagon. The Council room, office, and archives room are reserved for official use only.

15. Admission Fees for Events. The charging of admission or activity fees is prohibited except for certain Town-sponsored events.

16. Cleanup. McCathran Hall must be left clean and orderly per the Hall Closing Checklist (PDF). The Town resident reserving McCathran Hall is responsible for the removal of all trash. Recyclable materials must be collected and handled in conformance with Montgomery County’s recycling guidance; a bin for recyclable items is provided for rinsed glass bottles, plastics, and cans. All windows must be closed and locked, and tables and chairs put against the wall. The thermostat in the octagon shall be turned off. Lights shall be turned off. The security deposit may be withheld if these conditions have not been fully satisfied or if there is any other violation of the rules and regulations for use of McCathran Hall. Keys should be returned to the Town Hall Scheduler within three days.

17. Cooking. No stove cooktop is permitted in the kitchenette, and the use of any portable stove, cooktop, grill, griddle, deep fat fryer, broiler, or frying pan is prohibited in McCathran Hall.

18. Sale of Goods and Services by Hall Users. Transactions for the sale of goods or services are prohibited, although exceptions to this prohibition may be granted by the mayor.

19. Application to Town-Sponsored Events. Items 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 of these regulations also apply to Town-sponsored events.

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