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Ordinances Article X—Registration and Voting

Section 1.   Purpose

This article establishes the qualifications and procedures for voter registration and voting not otherwise specified in the Town Charter. Hereinafter, Board signifies the Board of Supervisors of Elections.

Section 2.   Registration

To be a qualified voter of the Town of Washington Grove, a resident must be included on a certified copy of a Montgomery County voter registration list furnished to the Town by Montgomery County.

Section 3.   Nominations

3.1   Regular Elections

Persons may be nominated for regular election offices by filing, or having filed, a certificate of nomination with the Board on or before the second Monday in April preceding the regular election, in accordance with the Charter. A list of those nominated for Mayor or Councilor prior to March 1 will be included in the March Town Bulletin. A final list of those meeting qualifications for office and nominated for Mayor or Council by the April deadline will be included in a notice mailed in April to Town residents at least two weeks prior to the elections.

3.2   Special Elections

Nominations for special election offices may be made in the same way as those for a regular election, except that the nominating period will be as specified in a Notice of Election given by the Board.

Section 4.   Voting

4.1   Regular Elections

As provided in the Charter, polling on a regular election day shall take place between 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. on the second Saturday in May. Write-in votes are permitted space shall be provided on the ballots and/or voting machines for write-in votes to be recorded.

4.11   Absentee Balloting

4.111 Qualifications. Voters who are:

(a) hospitalized, or otherwise confined for health reasons,

(b) on active military assignment elsewhere,

(c) resident students at an educational institution,

(d) temporarily assigned elsewhere by an employer, or

(e) are otherwise scheduled to be out of Town on election day,

may obtain an absentee ballot for any regular Town election.

4.112 Absentee Balloting Applications

Applications for absentee ballots will be accepted only until 10 days before a regular Town election. Application shall be made to the Board in writing, shall state the reason for the request, and shall be signed by the applicant. The Board must supply an absentee ballot to any qualified voter of the Town requesting one who certifies in writing that he or she will not be able to be present to vote during the time designated for the polls to be open. Such absentee ballots, if delivered to the Board prior to the end of the time designated for the polls to be closed, must be counted as though cast at the polls.

4.12   Emergency Balloting

Emergency ballots may be issued by the Board at its discretion before 4:00 p.m. election day to qualified voters who will otherwise be absent due to unforeseeable circumstances. The Board will provide for the secrecy of emergency ballots.

4.13   Aged and Infirm Balloting

The Board at its discretion may provide ballots on Election Day to those who, though qualified to vote and in residence, are unable due to age or infirmity to get to the polling place. Such ballots shall be hand-carried by a member of the Board or appointed deputy. The Board shall provide for the secrecy of such ballots.

4.2   Special Elections

As provided for in the Charter, all special Town elections shall be conducted by the Board in the same manner, as far as practical, as regular Town elections. There shall be no absentee voting in special elections, but emergency and aged and infirm ballots shall be provided as far as practical.

4.3   Town Meetings

Only present and qualified voters may vote in Town meetings.


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