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  1. Call to order
  2. Approval of Agenda for this meeting
  3. Approval of the August 30 (PDF) and September 1 Meeting Minutes (PDF)
  4. New business:
    • 10 min: Recap of Sept 1 Open Meeting: Please come prepared to discuss the key lessons learned from the Sept 1 meeting and what we should change for the Sept 30 Open Meeting (Note that a rough transcript of the September 1 meeting is available here.)
    • 10 min: What are some better ways to inform the Town on accurate, timely information regarding Shared Use Pathway options? (beyond our current Shared Use Google Drive folders and weekly meetings?)
    • 10 min: Shared Use Pathway Survey:  Prepare to vote on final edits to the TF survey, especially on whether to include a question like: Do you believe any Shared Use Pathway connection would provide a net benefit to the Town? Or: How long should our electronic survey allow for responses?
    • 30-45 min:  Prepare to address: What EC information is missing under ECs 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 8? (We’ll review EC 9-12 next time.) How should we judge the quality/timeliness of our data? Potentially higher quality sources are those reviewed by others: e.g. government and academic. Other criteria?
  5. Set Date and Time of Next Task Force Meeting
  6. Adjourn

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