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June 14, 2021 | Approved: July 12, 2021

The regular meeting of the Town Council was held remotely via ZOOM Video Conferencing. The meeting was recorded.

Mayor John Compton called the meeting of the Town Council to order at 6:35 p.m. In attendance were Councilors Darrell Anderson, David Cosson, Christine Dibble, Patty Klein, Barbara Raimondo and Gray Yachup. Also in attendance were Treasurer Mary Challstrom, Treasurer-designate Jean Moyer, and over 45 residents.

Open Meetings Act Training

A requirement of the Open Meetings Act (PDF) to engage in a Closed Town Council meeting is to identify a designated individual to receive Open Meeting Training.  All Town Council members and the Town Clerk were so designated.

Notice of Intent to Close the Meeting to obtain legal advice from the Town Attorney on Town Charter Section 15, Relating to the Petition Process and Responses by the Town Council

Mayor Compton explained the Town Council wished to hear advice from Town Attorney Suellen Ferguson on this matter. Per the provisions of the Maryland Open Meetings Act, meeting in closed session is permitted for consultation with counsel to obtain legal advice. Dave Cosson moved to close the meeting. Gray Yachup seconded the motion.  There was a roll call vote: 6-0, approved (In favor: Darrell Anderson, Dave Cosson, Christine Dibble, Patty Klein, Barbara Raimondo, Gray Yachup. Opposed: none)

Public Town Council Meeting Suspended

The public meeting was closed at 6:45 p.m. and a Closed Town Council meeting was convened in a separate Zoom session.

Topics discussed in the Closed Session were:

  • The provisions described in the Charter for voters petitioning the Town Council, and how Council may respond to a legal petition.
  • What constitutes the Town Council “acting favorably” on the several actions requested in the Shared use Bike Path petition, and how that may be accepted or rejected by petitioners or the Town voters.
  • Legal aspects and implications for the Town and Council regarding Resolution 94-04; Annexation of the Ward Property and the condition listed dedicating an outlot to the Town to contain a potential County bike path connecting Brown Street and a future Amity Drive (as well as a stormwater management facility and an afforestation area).

Actions taken: None

Public Town Council Meeting Resumed

The Regular Town Council Meeting was called to back in order at 7:35 p.m.  Over 45 people were in attendance.

Approval of Agenda

Darrell Anderson moved to approve the agenda. Patty Klein seconded the motion. Mayor Compton noted the large number of residents in attendance expected to offer statements to the Council, and therefore the Agenda proposed a two-minute limit per speaker during Public Appearances (rather than the usual five minutes). In addition, written statements would be referenced in the meeting minutes and available from the Town Office. Patty Klein expressed her disagreement with any reduction in speaking time.  Vote: 5 in favor – 1 opposed (Klein). Agenda approved as introduced.

Public Appearances

  • Liz Robertson expressed concern that a new bikeway connection would increase liability to the Town from use town roads.
  • David Stopak stated he is not anti-bike path connection, asserted concerns about impacts remained under appreciated, and that the Town Council vote in March was breach of the Town process.
  • Joan Mahaffey reviewed the timeline that led up to the March vote in question from her perspective.  She believes there are liability issues, that more research should be done, noting especially the option that the path go around the Town instead of into it.
  • Jan Davis stated this issue needs more thought.  We should do what is best for the Town.
  • Jay Everhart stated a shared use path wouldn’t affect our roads, has no budget issues, no liability issues and very little impact on the Town.  A path connection would be a major asset to the Town, and he urged the Mayor and Council to stay true to the 1994 Resolution naming Brown Street extended as the favored connection.
  • Janet Lottero favors some sort of shared use path connection, but believes Montgomery County has not provided the Town with enough information about the project.  She would like to see a projected use study completed in order to make a reasonable decision about the path.
  • Mary Blake is in favor of a bike path connection and the great benefit it would be to the Town and residents.  However, she remains concerned about the March vote and how it happened.
  • Eva Patrone feels more discussion would not be useful.  The Town should stand by the 1994 Annexation providing for a bike path connection to Brown Street, and the not rescind the decision taken in March by the Town Council.
  • Paul Patrone urged the Mayor and Council not to lose control of this project as happened with the second salt barn, but to remain engaged and work with the County to complete a path connection.
  • Larry French is in favor of a bike path connection, but noted that future usage and potential impact on the town seems inherently unpredictable. He suggested the Town allow the path connection now, but commit to review the consequences in 3-5-10 years to decide whether to replace it with an alternative route outside of the Grove.
  • Shelley Winkler wants the bike path but also wants a fair process and the consideration of alternatives like any other Town issue receives.
  • Dick Cavicchi believes the process has been fair and he has been given the opportunity to voice his opinion many times.  The shared use path connection will promote good health options and wonderful things could happen.
  • In addition to writing a letter (available at the Town Office), Paula Puglisi expressed dismay over the perception of unfair process and believes things have been debated ad nauseum.  She opposes forming of a task force of unelected people to make decisions because it takes power from the Council in an undemocratic way.
  • New residents Sarah and Rick Korbin Silton explained commuting on Oakmont is not a pleasant experience.  People’s opinions on the bike connection options are well known and it seems like this has been talked about a lot.

Written comments were also received prior to this meeting on the Shared Use Bike Path Petition and are available from the Town Office at 301-926-2256 or [email protected].

Approval of Minutes

Darrell Anderson moved to approve the May 17, 2021 minutes of the Town Council.  Dave Cosson seconded the motion.  Mayor Compton reviewed the process the Town Council is using to get unapproved draft Minutes posted on the website before the next Council meeting.  There has been less agreement about how much detail to include in the minutes.

Patty Klein moved to amend the May 17th minutes to include “Patty will submit a dissenting opinion.”  Christine Dibble seconded the motion.  Some felt that statements in dissent of Council votes did not that belong in the minutes, would be editorializing, and unnecessarily controversial.  Vote on the amendment: 3-3 (In favor: Patty Klein, Christine Dibble, Dave Cosson. Opposed: Gray Yachup, Barbara Raimondo, Darrell Anderson).  Mayor Compton broke the tie with a vote of no.  Final vote 4-3, amendment not approved.

Vote on the minutes as introduced: 5-0-1 (Patty Klein abstaining).  Approved as presented (with minor typos corrected).

Treasurer’s Report

Patty Klein moved acceptance of the May 2021 Treasurer’s Report (PDF).  Darrell Anderson seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0, accepted.

Resolution 2021-09 Budget Transfers

Discussion and Adoption: Darrell Anderson moved to adopt Resolution 2021-09 (PDF). Gray Yachup seconded the motion. Vote: 6-0, adopted.

Shared Use Bike Path Petition

Discussion and Action: Mayor Compton began the discussion with a statement about the submission of this petition. He explained the Town Charter requirements and the complexities of using this method of presenting grievances to the Mayor and Town Council.

The Town Council engaged in a very lengthy discussion touching on the following:

  • The petition process and what it means to act on it.
  • Pros and cons of using the petition as the recourse for obtaining Council action.
  • Pitfalls in using the petition as the first recourse to airing an injustice.
  • Allowing additional input from residents
  • Previous cooperative relationship with Montgomery County and the three (3) proposed routes and connections that developed and studied by MCDOT (Brown Street extended, between Brown Street and the Salt Barn, or through the Conservation Meadow)
  • Consequences of rescinding the March Council vote.
  • Providing for future re-evaluation of the impacts from a connection to Brown Street.
  • Potential problems with a task force comprised of members selected by Committees rather than being the Mayor and Council appointees.
  • Calling a Special Town Council Meeting to provide for continued discussion of the response to the Petition.

Christine Dibble moved to table further discussion and to set a date for a Special Town Council Meeting with the sole business of developing a Town Council response to the Petition.  Barbara Raimondo seconded the motion.  The date 30 June 2021 at 7:30 was proposed.  Vote 6-0, approved.

Mayor’s Announcements

  • Electric vehicle charging stations in Washington Grove – Mayor Compton listed the places where electric vehicle charging stations might be installed.  The cost would be covered by PEPCO.
  • Summer In The Parks – SITP will be held this year pending enough enrollment.
  • American Rescue Plan – Mary Challstrom and Jean Moyer are looking into the requirements that must be met to receive funds from this initiative.
  • Raccoons in McCathran Hall – AT&R Trapping service has been hired to humanely remove the raccoons (while leaving the Town Clerk in place…)

Administrative Matters

  1. Darrell Anderson moved, and Patty Klein seconded a motion to approve the following Mayor’s appointments:
    • Charlie Challstrom to the Board of Zoning Appeals
    • Peter Nagrod to the Planning Commission (re-appointment)
    • Bob Booher to the Historic Preservation Commission (re-appointment)
    • David Stopak to the Historic Preservation Commission (re-appointment)
  2. Town Website Management – Long-time Webmaster Bill Saar will resign at the end of June.  Councilor Christine Dibble will step in to perform information updates and postings until another person is hired
  3. Adopting Audio/Video Recordings as Official Minutes – This discussion will take place at another meeting
  4. OMA Training – Mayor Compton reminded members to take the training provided online by the Attorney General of Maryland.  He would like all members of the TC, PC and HPC to complete the training

Town Council Reports

A few items of note from the Town Council Reports were discussed: 

McCathran Hall Reopening

Hall use Forms: Barbara Raimondo discussed the need for revisions to the rental form used for McCathran Hall.  Barbara, Dave Cosson and the Clerk will work on this form.  It was proposed to use a similar form for Town events and rentals.  Vote: 6-0.

Hall cleaning: Barbara Raimondo reported meeting with three cleaning companies and one individual cleaner. She proposed employing Greg Knight to clean the hall, who was highly recommended by previous cleaning person Carol Mahaffey.  The Mayor and Council expressed enthusiasm for using Greg. Patty Klein suggested the relationship be formalized.

RFP for New Signage

Mayor Compton reported the Border Committee recently issued a Request for Proposal. He reminded all that it is the financial policy of the Town that all RFPs be approved by the Town Council before distribution to vendors.

Patty Klein moved to approve the Council Reports for posting on the website.  Dave Cosson seconded the motion.  Vote: 6-0, approved. 

Road Work Request for Proposal – Discussion and Possible Award of Contract

Two bids were opened a discussed at the May meeting. The Mayor and Council reviewed revised bids from each vendors which provided separate amounts for each of the three (3) work areas proposed. Gray Yachup moved to award the Area B work (McCauley Street and Washington Grove Lane) to low-bidder AB Veirs. Patty Klein seconded the motion.  Vote: 6-0.

Re-opening the Town Office and the Old Council Room

Discussion – The Council agreed to re-open these rooms to public access and use, but to follow Montgomery County guidelines as the County rapidly moves to allow public gatherings previously restricted during the pandemic. The fire department may help determine the occupancy limits for the Council Chambers and the Old Council Room.

Improvements to the Entrances into Town

Consideration of proposed identity fencing and replacement of the Brown Street gate: – Patty Klein reported that identity fencing proposed by the Border Committee will be purchased soon using funds in the FY21 Budget. It was agreed that Maintenance Supervisor Steve Werts should install two identity fences following design and appearance review by the Council.

Old Business

There was none.

New Business

Brown Street Gate

Gray Yachup asked for the Council to consider removing the red gate at Brown Street, Hickory Road and Railroad Street and replacing it with removable wooden posts. The Council requested that proposed design(s) be circulated to the Council for comment and approval.

Cost of P.O. Boxes

Mayor Compton reported receiving a letter from John McClelland asking for Town government involvement in the rising cost of PO Box rentals.  There was a discussion about the nationally set rates and possible use of gang boxes.  Action: A letter to Senator Chris Van Hollen will be sent noting the high cost of Post Office boxes (PDF) and asking why no-fee post boxes aren’t offered in Washington Grove per the policy of the USPO in areas when home delivery is unavailable.

Maintenance Report

Christine Dibble recommended that the Maintenance Council Report should be made available to the public, noting that Steve Werts does an incredible amount of work and people should know all he does. Inclusion in the Town Bulletin or posting on the Town website was discussed. Darrell Anderson agreed to prepare his report for inclusion in the Town Bulletin.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 10:15 p.m.

Kathryn L. Lehman
Town Clerk

Reports from Individual Councilors about their Areas of Responsibility


Table of Contents


Reports about Activities of Grove Commissions:

Reports about Activities of Grove Committees:

Reports about Other Grove Activities:

Reports about Activities of Grove Commissions

Historic Preservation Commission (Darrell Anderson)

  • The HPC held a virtual meeting on June 15, 2021; the next meeting will be held on July 20, 2021, at 7:30 pm by virtual means.
  • The HPC reviewed a permit application for a shed rebuild at 203 2nd Avenue (Polson). After discussion, it was determined that the 44 sq. ft. shed did not meet the requirement of 100 sq. ft. for review, and therefore would not require HPC review.
  • The HPC held a long discussion on the petition submitted to the Town Council regarding the multiuse path connection between Crabbs Branch and the Town, which has required by the Charter to have a Special Town Council meeting on June 30. Some members expressed frustration that the Council would not take up the suggested Resolution by the HPC at this meeting. The HPC voted to resend the proposed Resolution to the Town Council for a response.
  • The HPC heard updates from the Forestry and Beautification Committee, the Border Committee, and Racial Equity Committee for items that would be of interest to the HPC.


Planning Commission (Christine Dibble)

Building Permit Applications
  • 412 4th Avenue (Foreman/shed). Further discussion was suspended until we receive structural and scale drawings.
  • 206 Chestnut (Moyer/shed and stairs). Jean has decided not to build a new shed at this time. MoCo still needs to approve stairs. We approved the permit with respect to the stairs and the demolition of the greenhouse.
  • 326 Ridge (Deck). Deck has already been built. We have the survey but need the measurements. We anticipate being able to approve once we have these.
  • 404 Brown Street (Ramos/gravel removal). Approved.
  • 203 2nd Avenue (Polston/shed). Approved. Jane has concerns about its stability but we anticipate that MoCo will address this in issuing its permit.
  • 114 Ridge (Temple/upstairs bath and dormer). Approved upon the condition that the HPC approves.
  • 334 Ridge (Curtis/relocate overhead wire and change meter location). Approved.
Other Matters
  • We are working to schedule a meeting in September with a MNCPPC rep re: how to approach the demolition of historic structures. HPC and Town Council members will be invited. More information will be forthcoming.
  • 411 Grove (Bloskey and Tobolski/guardrail): the homeowners have requested that the metal guardrail in front of their house be replaced with a more aesthetically-pleasing guardrail (and one more in keeping with the character of the Grove). The existing guardrail is entirely on their property and was installed by the town with the approval of the resident at the time. We recommend to the Town Council that the Town install the new rail, in consultation with Chris and Alexis, and cover the costs of installation.
  • 17050 Railroad Street/Harrison or Cator property (John Campbell/Forest Conservation Plan (FCP)): The FCP prepared for the property indicates that the area next to the RR tracks with the planted trees is a 0.3-acre conservation easement area. Before we approve any building permits for this property, we need to determine (a) whether the FCP and the easement require MD DNR approval, and if so, whether that approval has been granted, and (b) what steps the Town will need to take to ensure long-term protection for the easement area. Georgette and Deb will take the lead on reviewing the FCP and touching base with the DNR so that we can determine next steps.
  • Peter reported on the status of the installation of the three entrance signs to the Town (Border Committee has lead).
  • 108 Ridge Road (Chapman-Morgan/access to rear of property via Cherry Avenue): We recommend that the Council address Ms. Morgan’s request. Addressing her request does not fall within the purview of the PC.
  • Peter Nagrod was re-elected chair.

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Reports about Activities of Grove Committees

Borders Committee (Pat Klein)

The Border Committee met on June 10 and discussed the following topics.

Town of WG Welcome signs: An RFP was sent to 3 vendors and 1 responded. The company, Sign City, submitted a bid that was above our approved FY22 budget. The Chair contacted the vendor who agreed to closely meet our budgeted funds at $10,500. The Chair will request time on the agenda to present this budgeted plan at the July Town Council meeting.

Town walkway perimeter boundaries: Identity fencing will be placed along the entrances to selected town walkways to better frame our town borders to be more accessible and welcoming. Six locations along Washington Grove Lane (WGL) and Railroad Street were chosen to begin this process.

Efforts to control speeding and noise on WGL and Railroad Street: Several town residents have been working with MC police task force to collect and submit data on speeding vehicles and modified vehicles (altered mufflers, etc) along our perimeter county roads. The EPSC supports this town resident effort and both Committees request Mayor Compton to send an official letter asking the county for assistance with speed cameras and/or speed bumps. A similar effort has been successfully used in Derwood.

WGL sidewalk safety: F&B is interested to work with the Border Committee and EPSC to improve safety and appearance along WGL: A recommendation was made to put a barrier between the sidewalk and roadway beyond the Commercial corner driveway apron along WGL and create additional vegetation barriers (trees/shrubs), and remove dead trees and overgrown shrubs obstructing the sidewalk.

Commercial Corner safety: The EPSC and Border Committee are concerned about the dumpster situated at the WGL-Railroad Street corner of the parking lot is blocking drivers’ views and creating a dangerous situation for pedestrians. Several attempts have been made to contact the property owner and the County. Both committees are recommending the Mayor’s assistance.

The next Border Committee meeting is scheduled on July 15, 2021.

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Dog Park Committee (Christine Dibble)

Nothing to report this month.

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Emergency Preparedness and Safety Committee (Pat Klein)

The EPSC met on June 24 to discuss the following topics.

Barrier gate at Brown Street and Hickory Road: Councilor Yachup was invited to the meeting to present an idea for a replacement barrier to block vehicular traffic and allow passage of pedestrians and bicyclists. This matter has been discussed several times by EPSC and this is a good opportunity to coordinate recommendations and plans. This latest idea would replace the gate with a single wooden post in the middle of Hickory Road with identity fencing on opposite sides of the road edge. The post could be removed by firefighters or other emergency responders to allow access for a firetruck or to detour traffic around an accident or other hazard on Railroad Street. Town maintenance would be asked to do the installation which would resemble the signposts along Town avenues and would be inexpensive. EPSC asked Councilor Yachup to provide a copy of the proposed design and materials cost estimate. The Councilor and EPSC members will confirm with fire department officials that any proposed change to the barrier is acceptable and meets their needs. EPSC members also recommended that the Town check with its insurance carrier about any liability impacts of changing the barrier.

Coordination across Town committees: EPSC members discussed the frequent overlap of Town interests and projects across various town committees such as the Border Committee, Communications Committee, Woods Committee, and Sustainability Work Group. EPSC members affirmed the importance of collaboration across different committees and will actively engage with other groups to achieve common goals.

Potential EPSC events/activities/outreach: EPSC Chair contacted cybersecurity faculty and staff at Montgomery County Community College to gauge interest in a presentation for Town residents on personal cybersecurity best practices, identity and data protection.

The next EPSC meeting is scheduled on July 29, 2021.

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Forestry and Beautification Committee (Barbara Raimondo)

No report this month.

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Lake Committee (Gray Yachup)

  • Measurements and reports: The last measurements of E. Coli have been within acceptable parameters.
  • Flora and fauna: Sand bees are gone for the season. No other significant events or sightings.
  • Miscellaneous: Current lake usage is an average of 10 users per day.

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Lighting Committee (Dave Cosson)

The Lighting Committee met on June 23 by Zoom and discussed the following:

Status of streetlight issues in Pepco proceeding before Maryland PSC. In final briefs before the PSC, the People’s Counsel and the federal GSA argued that the streetlight issues should be decided separately from the general rate case issues, noting the difficulty and expense for small municipalities to participate effectively in such large proceedings. A request for discussion has been made to the People’s Counsel.

On June 28th, the PSC issued its Order in Case No. 9655 in which it declined to approve Pepco’s Streetlight Initiative without prejudice to refiling as a separate proposal. Pepco was directed to continue discussions with municipalities regarding purchase of LED streetlights. The PSC also rejected Pepco’s Smart Sensor plan saying it had an insufficient nexus with the electric distribution business.

On June 30th, Committee Chair and I had a telephone discussion with the responsible attorney in the Office of People’s Counsel to evaluate our next steps. She recommend that Washington Grove engage in discussions with other municipalities and then with Pepco regarding out outstanding concerns. Those could happen this fall. If those efforts do not lead to a satisfactory result, a complaint could be filed with the PSC.

Bollard Lights. Three lights are ready to install. Locations next to McCathran Hall were approved.

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Racial Equity Committee (Barbara Raimondo)

RASEC has been working on documents refining its infrastructure. The next meeting is Sunday, July 18, at 2:00.

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Recreation Committee (Gray Yachup)

Successfully had July 4th activities. Landon will be serving as SITP director for this year. Currently have nine campers signed up.

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Woods Committee (Dave Cosson)

The Woods Committee met on July 6 by Zoom and discussed the following:

Update on IPC treatments. IPC treated wisteria and mile-a-minute in the East and West Woods and cleared a section of green briar to prepare a re-routed section of the Challstrom trail for a new ‘Bradfield Crossing’ over a stream in the Northeast corner of the East Woods. The old crossing has become treacherous and poses public safety concerns. In the Fall, dirt will be brought in to cover the new pipe culvert already installed and the original portion of the trail will be blocked off.

East Woods Trail Signage. A spreadsheet and map depicting the location of and individual sign markers for planned entrance and interior trail signs were reviewed by the Committee. These documents will be field checked once more to finalize prior to ordering sign markers and signposts to be assembled by town volunteers and installed by town maintenance.

East Woods Trail Maintenance. The WC discussed extending the timber turnpike the full length of the Maple Avenue trail to the McCauley trail to address the persistent wet areas. Fresh natural tree limbs should be used for the side borders and will be replaced as they decompose.

West Woods Stormwater Management. The WC plans to contact MC stormwater managers to discuss options to respond to the ongoing stormwater erosion problems. The availability of American Rescue Plan funding will be explored to cover costs for any professional assessments.

Deer Management. Discussions with BHFFMD will begin for the 2021-2022 deer hunt season to be presented to the Town Council for approval. The WC is recommending the Town Council consider expanding the deer hunt to include the Conservation Meadow which will require agreement with MC Parks.

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Reports about Other Grove Activities

Contracts (Dave Cosson)

Revised forms for rental and Town organization use of McCathran Hall to include Covid-19 requirements are being reviewed by the Town’s attorney.

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McCathran Hall (Barbara Raimondo)

  • With Kathy Lehman, Dave Cosson, and John Compton, working on hall reservation documents, one for WG organizations, one for private entities, that address consideration of COVID. Documents are now being reviewed by the Town attorney.
  • With Kathy Lehman, arranged for Town Hall to be thoroughly cleaned.
  • With Kathy Lehman, interviewed cleaning companies and hired a regular (solo) cleaner for Town Hall.

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Maintenance (Darrell Anderson)

  • We are well into the steady grass-cutting season. Much of maintenance time required grass-cutting, brush removal, and trips to the dump. Purchased gas when needed. Completed paperwork as required. Worked in the maintenance shop if needed or weather dictated.
  • Met with WSSC on Grove Ave (report of sink hole at 113). Met with WSSC on Grove Ave (work complete except for filling rut in front of 207 & gravel on the walkway.
  • Went to Advance Auto Parts to pick up brake lines for the Town truck (rear brake line broke). Fixed brake lines on the Town truck.
  • Checked power at the gazebo to make sure it is on for Music Weekend.
  • Unloaded new fencing purchased for the Border Committee (to store in shop).
  • Went to Home Depot to pick up locks for the Lake Committee – gave to Hutch.
  • Met with PEPCO about the dead tree (by the bridge on Brown Street).
  • Watered (3) newly planted trees.
  • Put diving board back up at the lake.
  • Met with Myers & Laws to go over tree work by the tennis courts and the main entrance. Removed stump grindings from dead tree taken down at the tennis courts – replaced area with topsoil.
    Blew debris off the hard tennis courts and basketball court twice due to windy conditions.
  • Made two trips to Laytonsville Landscape to pick up a pallet of sod for Cherry Ave – put down top soil & sod.
  • Picked up trash in the park.
  • Moved materials for SITP from the warehouse to Town Hall.
  • Checked contractor work done at Town Hall (raccoon damage).
  • Worked on repairing benches. Installed new memorial plaque on bench on Maple Ave.
  • Took down broken sign on Maple Ave & installed a repaired sign – gave broken sign to Susan Van Nostrand.
  • Put up flags along Grove Road for July 4th holiday. Moved picnic tables with Nick Suzich for Town picnic.

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Maryland Municipal League (Darrell Anderson)

The MML held its 2021 Summer Conference and Expo LIVE in person on June 27-29 in Ocean City. A virtual conference will be held on July 19-20.

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Playgrounds and Tennis Courts (Christine Dibble)

Nothing to report this month.

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Roads and Walkways (Gray Yachup)

  • The McCauley paving project has been approved, awaiting scheduling from A.B. Veirs. Will be discussing the other areas for improvement (A&C) at a future TC meeting.
  • Currently working to create an inventory of all town roads and their conditions.
  • Work on replacing the red gate on Brown is going well. Currently working to create a comprehensive dossier for presentation to EPSC, Border, and the TC.

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Shady Grove Crossing (Barbara Raimondo)

No report this month.

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Washington Grove Conservation Park (Dave Cosson)

If the Bow Hunting Fire Fighters of Maryland expresses interest, contact will be made with MNCPPC with respect to whether a deer stand could be located in the Meadow.

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Website and Communications (Christine Dibble)

  • I am still trying to schedule a meeting with former councilor Marida Hines and with a potential contractor to determine, among other things, (i) the services the contractor could supply, (ii) how she normally schedules and provides work to her clients, and (iii) how she normally gets paid (by the hour? By the project?).
  • I am learning how to make simple updates to the website.

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