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Monday, November 8, 2021 | 7:30 p.m. | Remote via Zoom

Join via Internet:  https://us02web.zoom.us/j/297850640?pwd=czh3ODBEdEpTeXdkRTc5bDFmLzN2UT09
Note that any relevant documents mentioned below that are not linked to, will be linked to from the minutes to this meeting when those minutes are made available.
    1. Call to Order 7:30 pm
    2. Approval of the Agenda – 5 min.
    3. Public Appearances – The time allowed to speak will be limited to five minutes.  Note: Written statements submitted as part of a public appearance will be noted in the Minutes, will be available by contacting the Town Clerk after the meeting, and will be posted on this web page.
    4. Approval of Minutes – 10 min.
      • Consideration of edits to the approved September Town Council meeting minutes
      • Town Council meeting 11 October 2021
    5. Treasurers Report (PDF) – 10 min.
    6. Mayor’s Announcements – 10 min.
      • Kudos: Shared Use Bikeways Connection Task Force
      • Update on the revision of the Comprehensive Plan.
      • Update on the PO Box policy at the Washington Grove Post Office.
      • Refuse and recycling pickup.
      • Snow removal contract.
    7. Administrative Matters – 20 min.
      • Town employee dental/vision plan changed.
      • Status of Maintenance Supervisor search.
      • Update on exploration of using audio/video recordings as the official minutes of Town Council meeting and posting to the Town website.
    8. Shared Use Pathway Task Force Report
      • Review the process for Council reconsideration of the shared use pathway connection. – 5 min.
      • Presentation of the Task Force Report by co-chairs Gary Temple and Kriss Grisham. – 15 min.
      • Questions and comments. – 30 min.
      • Schedule the Special Town Meeting for resident review and discussion of the Shared Use Pathway Task Force Report – 5 min.
    9. Town Council Reports (PDF) – 10 min.  Selected matters of note:
      • Update on the deer management bow hunt.
      • Forestry & Beautification Committee to plant 18 trees this Fall.
      • Landscaping enhancements to Railroad St. proposed.
      • Holiday show to be virtual again on December 11.
    10. Old Business – 5 min.
      •  Status of HPC and PC review of the proposal for Pepco to install electric vehicle charging stations.
    11. New Business – 10 min.
      •  Leaf collection: Can leaves be mulched in place instead of collected for disposal?
      • Corridor Forward Master Plan hearing at the Planning Board
    12. Adjournment
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