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Written Testimony and Correspondence from Town Residents to the Town Council

The table below includes all written letters, emails and submissions from Town residents to the full Council dated August 1, 2021 or later, including written submissions made as part of a public appearance at a Town Council meeting.  If you would like to send correspondence to the Town Council, but you wish to have it remain private (i.e., not listed in the table below), then:

  • send your correspondence separately to each Councilor (and to the Mayor, if you choose) (see Which emails are excluded from the table below?)
  • be aware that under Maryland’s Public Information Act, anyone can request access to government records, and that government records include all correspondence with officials.

Which emails are included in the table below?

  • Emails sent to the full Council via the Town’s email address, [email protected];
  • Emails sent to the full Council via their personal email addresses.

Which emails are excluded from the table below?

  • Emails published only on the Town’s informal listserv.
  • Emails sent as individual messages to the Mayor and/or Councilor(s), unless the email includes a direction to share it with the full Council.
  • Emails sent to the Mayor and Council from Town commissions or committees.

The table below is sortable by item number, date, author, and topic/key words.  Items will be added to the table as they become available to the webmaster.

Note that the search box at the upper right corner of the table searches words presented in the table, but not words contained in the PDF files that the table links to.


Item Number and LinkDateDocument TypeAuthorTopic / Key Words
2022-182022-07-12Attachment to emailTomlin, JohnWater main - lower Ridge Road
2022-172022-07-06Attachment to emailTomlin, JohnWater main - lower Ridge Road
2022-162022-06-13EmailHenninger, Don and BirgitWoodward Park - trash cans, bathrooms
2022-152022-06-13EmailHoran, MeredithWoodward Park - trash cans, bathrooms
2022-142022-06-12EmailHotaling, AndrewRoadway improvements
2022-132022-05-02EmailCole, Georgette and Ernie KawasakiAnnual Town Meeting - holding it in person
2022-122022-04-27EmailMcCathran, JoliRoadway/path improvements
2022-112022-04-27EmailHenninger, DonVegetative management
2022-102022-04-10Attachment to emailHansen, Marc and Peggy, and Mary and Charlie ChallstromComprehensive Plan - comments
2022-092022-03-31EmailFrench, LarryBudget - climate change
2022-082022-02-23Attachment to emailWoman's ClubMiller Drive - parking issues
2022-072022-02-14EmailSeegal, JaneMiller Drive - parking issues
2022-062022-01-22Attachment to emailPuglisi, PaulaMLK Holiday - celebrated in WG
2022-052022-01-22MailWoman's ClubElectric vehicle charging stations
2022-042022-01-21EmailHenninger, DonTrees - Grove Ave. - request to assess
2022-032022-01-12EmailSeegal, JaneElectric vehicle charging stations
2022-022022-01-11EmailGillis, KeithElectric vehicle charging stations
2022-012022-01-10EmailEverhart, LizElectric vehicle charging stations
2021-272021-12-11EmailWarfield, MaryShared use path
2021-262021-12-11EmailLottero, JanetShared use path - written testimony
2021-252021-12-06Attachment to emailWong, MimiShared use path - written testimony
2021-242021-12-04Attachment to emailShriner, DonnaShared use path - testimony at Special Town Meeting
2021-232021-12-02EmailEverhart, JayShared use path
2021-222021-12-01EmailEverhart, LizShared use path - Task Force Report
2021-212021-11-15EmailKirschbaum, DennisShared use path - procedural comment
2021-202021-11-14EmailEverhart, JayShared use path - Task Force Report
2021-192021-11-14EmailEverhart, LizTown Council meetings - limiting discussion of meeting minutes
2021-182021-11-11EmailBlake, MaryTown Council meetings - using recordings as meeting minutes
2021-172021-11-08EmailCole, GeorgetteAmerican Rescue Plan funding
2021-162021-11-04EmailHenninger, DonGrass/leaf recycling
2021-152021-10-29Attachment to emailSeegal, JaneElectric vehicle charging stations
2021-142021-10-25EmailDibble, ChristineCorridor Forward
I-270 Transit Plan
2021-132021-10-25EmailHarris, Wendy and Paul CampbellStormwater management - end of Brown Street
2021-122021-10-10Attachment to emailLand, TomWoodward Park - request to add disc golf basket
2021-112021-10-05EmailTomlin, JohnAmerican Rescue Plan funding
2021-102021-10-04Attachment to emailPuglisi, PaulaDraft of Resolution 2021-11: Establishing Rules for the Uses of the East and West Woods (PDF)
2021-092021-10-04EmailAmbrose, KevinSignage, entrance
2021-082021-09-29EmailSturniolo, Emery "Rico"Speed humps - Ridge Road
2021-072021-09-13EmailLand, TomCommunication from Council to residents - distribution of Council agendas
2021-062021-09-13EmailEverhart, LizShared use path - correction to statement made at Council meeting
2021-052021-09-13EmailCole, Georgette and Ernie KawasakiSpeed humps - Ridge Road
2021-042021-09-12EmailHunter-Ceci, Holly and TonySpeed humps - Ridge Road
2021-032021-09-05EmailTomlin, JohnSpeed humps - Ridge Road
2021-022021-09-01EmailBolotin, Mimi and Jack FassettSpeed humps - Ridge Road
2021-012021-08-09EmailEverhart, Liz and JaySpeed humps
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