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Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs)

Are ADUs a Good Idea for Washington Grove?

Under the Town’s current zoning ordinances, property owners are not permitted to maintain an independent living area, either attached or detached from their main residence. Such rental units are recommended, however, by the Town’s 2022 Comprehensive Plan (PDF).  The Planning Commission would like to get a sense from Town residents as to whether now is the time to move in that direction. Allowing the construction/establishment of ADUs would require that we move our zoning ordinances away from the Town’s traditional one-family dwelling model, but would permit homeowners to include modest on-site rental properties that could provide income streams.

The mayor and Town Council have asked the Planning Commission to draft changes to Article VII of our Code of Ordinances to allow for ADUs if the Town feels now is the right time to do it. Changes to zoning ordinances are called Zoning Text Amendments (ZTAs).

You can review:

Comments Received from Committees or Commissions

Comments Received from Individual Residents

Accessory dwelling unit

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